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iMac With Retina 5K Display Review: Do Those Extra Pixels Really Matter?

Resolution is often misunderstood. You instinctively know that you want more of it, even when its real utility doesn’t live up to the marketing hype. And Apple’s new $2999 iMac has a lot of hype to live up to.

Past A Certain Point, Smartphone Pixel Density Just Doesn't Matter

The smartphone pixel density race really kicked into gear with Apple’s retina iPhone 4. Suddenly, the amount of detail you could see on your smartphone screen became the most important aspect of actually buying a phone. But, a few years on, we’re extremely close to reaching the point where it really doesn’t matter any more.

iPad Mini With Retina Display Spills Its Glorious High-Resolution Guts

The new iPad Mini with retina display finally started trickling into stores yesterday, and as usual, the fine folks at iFixit have taken up their multifarious tools of gadget disassembly and seized upon the unsuspecting device. Here’s what this baby looks like under the hood.

New 2013 iPad Mini: Everything You Need To Know

Apple just announced the next-generation iPad Mini, and it finally has a screen worth staring at. The iPad Mini now has a retina display that will make everything on the 7.9-inch screen look astonishingly clear. Along with the new fantastic screen, Apple has also sped up the internal chips while keeping it all inside the same light and thin body of the original. However, it does cost a lot more.

Apple's New iPad Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know [Updated]

It’s official; Apple’s hosting an iPad unveiling extravaganza today, 364 days after last year’s Cupertino tablet party. Here’s what to expect from the new iPad and iPad Mini.

OS X Mavericks Wallpaper Could Mean Retina iMacs And Cinema Displays

With Apple’s announcement of OS X Mavericks came a brand new shiny desktop background featuring a glistening wave, downloadable from the Apple website. The most intriguing thing about the new wallpaper though, is the resolution, which could indicate a coming upgrade to Apple’s desktop displays.

This Is HP's Take On The Retina Display MacBook Pro

HP has just announced a big overhaul of its Envy and Pavilion ranges. Most of the updates are fairly uninspiring — apart from the company’s take on Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro.

Apple Ups The Specs, Drops The Prices Of MacBooks In Australia

Apple has adjusted its Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs in Australia to beef up the processing power while dropping the price, but is it in response to government pressure?

Today's Awful Apple Rumour: Retina iPad Mini

There’s something in the air this week. Maybe it’s because the holidays are coming, or maybe there’s not much actual news to be had three weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show. But for some reason, the dumb Apple rumours are piling up like so many discarded MobileMe accounts.

Adobe Photoshop And Illustrator Now Available With Retina Support

The only complaint I had about my new MacBook Pro 15 is now gone. Well, not all of them, but only the one about its gorgeous retina display: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are now both available with retina display support. What a change.