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The Futuristic Department Store Robot Of 1924 Was Surprisingly Lifelike

If you go to department stores in Japan you’ll sometimes be greeted by a friendly robot.

Dick Smith Is Officially Closing All Of Its Stores

At the beginning of this year Dick Smith went into voluntary administration. Today its receivers have announced that all 363 stores across Australia and New Zealand will be closed over the next eight weeks.

The Story Behind JB Hi-Fi's Review Cards

The humble JB Hi-Fi review. You’ve seen them in-stores, you’ve seen them go viral on social media. Sometimes they’re straight down the line, others are satirical or flat out hilarious. Every once in a while they absolutely hit the nail on the head.

We spoke to numerous JB Hi-Fi ‘reviewers’. The men and women making you laugh to figure out the rules, regulations and weird little secrets behind the infamous JB Hi-Fi review.

These are the confessions of JB Hi-Fi reviewers.

Amazon's First Real Store Opened Today

Amazon, a company that made its name undercutting brick-and-mortar retailers using cheap labour and UPS, opened the doors to its first real book store in Seattle at 9:30am today (4:30am Sydney time).

Facebook's Testing Online Shops Embedded Into Business Pages

Forget the Like button: Facebook wants you to hit the Buy button instead. Buzzfeed reports that Facebook is testing new, miniature e-commerce sites that are embedded within the Facebook pages of retailers.

Sorry, Hot Topic, GameStop Owns ThinkGeek Now

Well, this is awkward. Mere days after Hot Topic announced its plans to buy ThinkGeek for $US122 million, the nerdy online retailer called the deal off. What’s the deal? Well, it turns out GameStop wanted to pay $US18 million more.

Hot Topic Buys ThinkGeek

Timmy the ThinkGeek Monkey isn’t sad. Not one bit. He’s just trying to fit in with his new friends! They have got, shall we say, a darker taste in fashion. They shared his love of Star Wars, Doctor Who and Minecraft, so why not reciprocate? Oh, and $US122 million in cash didn’t hurt either.

Shopping For A Camera At This Amazing Store Is Way Better Than Ebay

If you’re into analogue photography, most of the time the only way to shop is online. It is exceedingly rare to come across a physical store with a hearty stock of film cameras you can hold and touch. One such oasis is the Denton Camera Exchange in the fair city of Denton, Texas.

Amazon Is Opening A Brick-and-Mortar Store In Manhattan

Amazon, the cyber store that sells everything, plans to open its first physical store at 7 W 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan just in time for the holiday season. The experimental store will work as a mini-warehouse for some same day deliveries in New York. It will surely serve as a nice little billboard, too.

Apple Now Has A Design Patent For Its Giant Glass Cube

Apple’s been on a tear to protect the look of its retail experiences, trademarking the design of its stores and patenting its proprietary see-through staircases. Now its glass cube flagship store in Manhattan is officially a patented design in the US, with “Steve P. Jobs” listed as one of the inventors.

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