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It Won't Be Long Before Drones Start Winning Olympic Gold Medals In Table Tennis

Everyone assumes that one day robotic arms will be dominating human opponents at the inevitable Cyber Olympics. If IBM’s research division has anything to say about it, flying drones could pose the bigger threat to mankind’s gold medal dreams.

A Laser Has Been Used To Chill Water For The First Time Ever 

Point a laser at someone’s skin and they will react in fear, assuming it’s going to burn. But researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a way to make a laser that cools, instead, successfully lowering the temperature of water by about 2C.

Touchscreens Of The Future: Why A New Transparent Conducting Material Is Needed

Touch screens are incorporated into almost all new technologies, from smart-phones, tablet computers and personal gadgets to flat panel televisions and household appliances. This explosion of technology is reliant on a key component: a display that is both transparent and able to conduct electrical charge.

The US NIH Is Retiring All Of Its Research Chimpanzees

The US National Institutes of Health has announced that it’s bringing its chimpanzee testing programme to an entire halt, sending its 50 remaining primates to sanctuaries.

How A Bad Hangover Helped Discover Ibuprofen

Back in the early 1960s, Dr Stewart Adams had a bad hangover. So he did what many a confident scientist of the time might do: he took a handful of an experimental drug he was working on. It worked — and the compound went on to become known as ibuprofen.

This Smartwatch Detects Gestures By Watching The Muscles Inside Your Arm Move

Your smartwatch’s incredibly tiny touchscreen isn’t necessarily the easiest way to navigate its interface. So to make hand gestures more reliable and more robust, a team of researchers has created a strap that can see inside the wearer’s arm and track the movements of the muscles instead.

Sorry, Rogaine -- We Can Finally 3D-Print Hair

Could this be the ‘killer app’ for 3D printers that finally makes them a must-have device for every home? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute have found a way to use 3D printers to create realistic-looking hair, bristles, and other fibres.

Yamaha's Robotic Biker Looks Like A Crime-Fighting Cyborg

The Tokyo Moto Show has just gotten away, and amongst fuel-efficient hybrids and the latest advancements in autonomous vehicles, you’ll find an unorthodox reveal from Yamaha: a robotic biker called the Motobot that can handle some of the fastest motorcycles on earth.

Fantastically Nerdy Science Humour Magazine Goes Digital

After 21 years, the Annals of Improbable Research — that bastion of uber-nerdy science humour — is switching from a dead tree format to an all-digital PDF format. And it’s holding a special subscription sale to celebrate. From now until 31 October, you can get a yearly subscription (six issues) for just $US15/year, instead of the usual $US25/year.

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