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RIM Is Dead, Long Live BlackBerry

The launch of BlackBerry 10 is live right now in New York, and CEO Thorsten Heins just made a big announcement: the renaming of the company.

RIM Has To Sell One Of Its Corporate Jets

For sale: One corporate jet. Previous owner selling due to lack of cash flow brought on by poor business decisions, a failure to innovate and a perpetually delayed operating system. Condition: slightly used, some stains from where board members have cried themselves to sleep.

Report: RIM Down To One BlackBerry 10 Handset

RIM’s last great hope, the QNX-based BlackBerry 10 handsets that would pull the company out of its Playbook-inspired funk? According to the latest rumour from BGR, you’d better make that “handset”. Because there’s only one left. And it’d better be good.

RIM Denies BBX Infringement Claims, Doesn't Know What All The Fuss Is About

After numerous public gaffes, RIM is banking on BBX, its newest platform, to help drag the company back into respectability. Unfortunately, the “BBX” name itself could be infringing on a New Mexican software maker’s trademarks.

RIM Offers Free Apps And Games To Appease Users Over Outage

BlackBerry maker RIM has announced it’s giving away a stack of apps and games to its users over the next few months, as a combined apology and peace offering to those who suffered during last week’s “BlackBerry Jam” network failures.

No Blackberries = Less Traffic Accidents

When RIM’s Blackberry servers were melting down across the globe last week, the business-centric cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai experienced a sharp drop-off in reported traffic accidents, leading authorities to proclaim that roads were much safer when BlackBerry stopped working.

RIM: Smaller 3.2-Inch BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380 Imminent

A smaller, touchscreen-only and therefore hopefully cheaper BlackBerry Curve Touch is on the way, with RIM telling its app developers to prepare for a modest 3.2-inch touch-only BlackBerry. It most definitely won’t look like the Torch then (pictured).

BlackBerry's BBM Music Is The Dumbest Music Service Ever

RIM probably heard that one of the big things in tech right now is offering a music locker service because they just announced BBM Music. Too bad it’s the worst music locker service in the world: you pay $US5 a month for 50 songs.

Next-Gen BlackBerrys Might Run Android Apps

Like the Playbook tablet, which will eventually run Android apps in an emulator, Bloomberg says RIM apparently plans to enable the same functionality in their upcoming QNX phones. Lacking a bit of faith in your developer community are you now, RIM?

Does The World Need A BlackBerry Music-Streaming Service?

Look, we get it RIM–your BBM service is great. But a music-streaming service that runs in BBM? WTF? CNet heard from sources that they’ve signed papers with one of the four big music labels already.

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