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Apple's Error 53: Dodgy Repairs Will Brick Your iPhone

Following reports of bricked iPhones, Apple has confirmed that “error 53” is real — but it’s not what is causing the bricking.

Throwing My Broken Laptop In The Oven Baked It Back To Life

Every couple months I pull out my old gaming laptop from university: a busted Dell m1210 that’s had its motherboard replaced four times under warranty because Nvidia couldn’t get its shit together. It never works right. I’ve had enough. I’m sticking this sucker in the oven.

Super Glue Has Nothing On This Liquid Plastic You Harden With UV Light

Billed as the world’s first liquid plastic welder, Bondic might look like a tube of super glue, but it’s far easier to apply and use — without those loopy fumes. It’s actually a liquid plastic that remains fluid when applied until you hit it with a blast of UV light for about four seconds. That hardens it into a rock-hard plastic that can be sanded and finished so your repairs don’t stand out.

The Secret Samsung Galaxy Test Code You Need To Know

I love my Galaxy Note 3. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And holy crap did I do a good job of shattering my screen when it fell from my feeble clutches recently. But from adversity comes opportunity — and I learned two key lessons that everyone should know when it comes to fixing a broken phone screen.

iCracked: The Screen Repair Service That Comes To You Is Fantastic

There comes a time in every phone’s life when its screen cracks. The are three ways to deal with it: you could live with it, to teach yourself a lesson, you could get in line for a replacement at the Apple Store, or you could call the on-demand screen repair service iCracked. You should probably call iCracked.

Telstra Technicians Rescued After Getting Lost In The Bush

Two Telstra technicians have been rescued from remote bushland in Victoria after becoming lost while repairing a cable.

A Safer Way To Clean Your Camera's Sensor

Dust on your camera’s sensor is a tormenting problem made worse by the fact that attempting to clean it is slightly risky. The Sensor Gel Stick could offer an easier and safer way to go about getting grime off the delicate surface.

New Instant-Fix Fabric Is 100x Stronger Than Duct Tape

It’s joked that duct tape can be used to fix almost anything. But a new product called FiberFix might very well be the only tool you’ll ever need for emergency repairs. And the secret is its special resin adhesive that hardens stronger than steel as it cures.

How To Get Rid Of Dirt Inside Your iPhone 5 Camera With Some Simple Surgery

Look closely at the camera lens of your iPhone 5. See that build-up of dirt and grime behind the glass? Ew! It might seem like the gunk is going to build up forever, inaccessible and making your photos progressively worse. But there is hope.

When Gadgets Should Be Repaired, Not Replaced

When I was 14, my stereo broke. Opening it up, I found a small piece of metal had been disconnected from the circuit board at the base. I grabbed a lighter and melted the piece back in place. I plugged the stereo back in and turned it on. It worked. It was the first time I actually got something I tried to fix working.

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