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This RC Car, Powered By A Hand-Made 4-Cylinder Engine, Sounds Grunty As

Drones may be all the rage these days when it comes to compact, remote-controlled gadgets, but there’s still a place for the humble RC car. Wait, did I say “humble”? Screw that. How about one with a tiny four-cylinder engine that sounds meatier than most go-karts?

Every Wave's A Towering Wall Of Water For This Tiny RC Surfer

Powered by an electric motor and a small propeller hidden beneath the board, this tiny, remote-controlled surfer can hit speeds upwards of 16km/h even without a wave pushing it along. But with a rushing wall of water behind it, Mother Nature decides its top cruising speed.

The Pilot Of This Camera Drone Has Mad Skills

Video: Watching this footage of talented RC pilots making their planes perform amazing stunts is made all the more impressive when you stop to think about the skills needed to capture these impossible mid-air closeups.

Nerf's New Dart-Blasting RC Battle Tank Is Straight Out Of Terminator

Nerf’s new N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone looks like something Skynet cooked up to fight alongside the Terminators. But using a wireless remote with a live video feed from the tank’s camera, anyone can use it snipe at friends and co-workers while remaining safely out of range of retaliatory fire.

Mad Scientists Think Their Remote-Controlled Cyborg Beetle Could Replace Drones

An insect army awaits you. A team of engineers has developed a way to remotely control the movement of this beetle in incredible detail, finely tuning its gait, step length and walking speed.

Spotting This Flying Goth Musician Overhead Would Be Even Creepier At Night

Weighing in at just four-and-a-half pounds, Otto Dieffenbach’s latest flying creation is a remarkably lifelike replica of Bjørn Alexander Brem, the lead singer of an Osl0-based band called Gothminister. The easiest way to tell the two apart is to remember that the real Bjørn can’t fly.

There Are Now Tiny Remote Control BattleBots You Can Fight At Home

Over in the US, BattleBots officially returned to TV last summer after a 10 year hiatus. The response from fans was so overwhelming that US network ABC not only renewed the series for a second season, but Hexbug has also turned the league’s most popular robots into tiny remote control toys you can battle at home.

Tyco Is Back With The First RC Toy That Can Climb Stairs

Children of the ’80s will remember Tyco as the definitive brand when it came to affordable remote control toys. After changing hands a few times, the company was eventually bought by Mattel who is officially relaunching the Tyco brand with the new Terra Climber; the first RC toy that can climb stairs.

With Darth Vader Long Dead, You Can Finally Fly His TIE Advanced Fighter

There was a lot of love for the Rebellion when it came to flying toys revealed on Force Friday back in September of last year. But at this year’s Toy Fair, Spin Master is finally giving the Empire its due with a flying RC version of Darth Vader’s custom TIE Advanced X1 fighter.

Even Barbie Has A Hoverboard Now, But Hers Actually Flies

The smell of melting plastic is particularly unpleasant, so instead of putting Barbie on a two-wheeled self-balancing contraption prone to melting down, Mattel has given Barbie a hoverboard that legitimately takes to the air.

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