When Superintelligent AI Arrives, Will Religions Try To Convert It?

Like it or not, we are nearing the age of humans creating autonomous, self-aware super intelligences. Those intelligences will be part of our culture, and we will inevitably try to control AI and teach it our ways, for better or worse.

Which Religions Are Prepared To Accept Life In Space?

Assuming we don’t blow ourselves up before then, colonising other planets may be the last hope for the survival of humanity. Most of the preparation for this cosmic expansion has centred around solving the more immediate, physical problems of transporting our bodies into deep space, but what about our culture? Therein lies an issue that’s often overlooked: Can the major monotheistic religions of the world reconcile what space means for our immortal souls?

The Coolest Churches, Mosques And Synagogues Of The Year

Religion is changing — from the stained glass industry to Portlandia’s perfect parody of a desperate pastor’s plea that “church is an option“. At the same time, there’s been a major renaissance in religious architecture over the last few years.

The History Of All Religions Explained In One Fascinating Graphic

I spent some of my university years studying with the Jesuits, which inevitably led to theology classes and the fascinating history of religion. That class is summarised in this new version of a great graphic by Simon E. Davies, a complex tree of myths and traditions continuously evolving into remakes.

Space Invaders Should Have Been A Biblical Epic All Along

Artist Dan Hernandez has an awesome new show up in New York City at the Kim Foster Gallery, combining Renaissance theology with the iconography of early computer game art — or Space Invaders by way of the Book of Genesis. As Rebecca Robertson describes the exhibition in ARTnews, “To imagine epic battles between heaven and earth, Dan Hernandez plants Super Mario Bros. clues in ancient frescoes and uses Donkey Kong architecture to build medieval fortresses.”

Scientists: Ancient Papyrus That Says Jesus Was Married Is Authentic

Three teams of scientists at Harvard University, Columbia University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have concluded that the ancient coptic papyrus that talks about Jesus’ wife is authentic and not a forgery. The Vatican claimed the latter when it was discovered.

From Sexting To Sacraments: How Mobile Apps Are Taking On Religion

At this point, our entire lives could be boiled down into a series of apps. Schedules, diets, friends, family, play — it’s all there in a set of brightly coloured, easy-to-digest icons that have come to define the way we see ourselves. And though it may be hard to reconcile, even religion is no more than a Google Play or App Store click away. The salvation of your eternal soul is now downloading.

US TV Network 'Accidentally' Cut Evolution Out Of Cosmos

The Cosmos reboot was fairly generous as far as leaving room for religious interpretation goes. But apparently, one Fox affiliate station in Oklahoma City decided there was still just a little too much science talk for their liking, so they cut out the 15-second mention of evolution.

Even I Would Read The Bible If It Were This Pretty

Despite having grown up in the Bible Belt, I’m not terribly religious. Sure, I still go to our quaint little Episcopal church with my mum on holidays but, if you asked me what happens in the Book of Revelation, I’d be dumbfounded. Unless I had an app like this.

Georges Lemaitre: The Greatest Scientist You've Never Heard Of

There’s a perception that religion and science go together about as well as mayonnaise and marshmallows. In some instances, this is, perhaps, true. But on a typically warm Southern California January in 1933 at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California (the same place and same time that Jack Parsons of rocket science fame was doing his experiments — history intersecting!), religion and science proved that these two ideals didn’t have to be enemies.