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New Data Suggests You Only Have Five Close Friends 

You might not have as many close friends as you think. Researchers have provided new evidence that lends weight to a theory that says you can only maintain five close friendships.

Facebook Is Testing A Weird Way To Make Break-Ups Easier

Break-ups suck. There’s no way around it. But now, somewhat perplexingly, Facebook wants to make it easier by offering a tool that will block your ex’s name or photo from showing up and ruining your day.

Think Men Don't Want To Date Smart Women? Not So Fast!

Maybe you heard about that study that showed men don’t want to date smart women. It certainly plays into our stereotypes of how men behave, and it got a lot of press as a result. But if you actually dig into the paper, you’ll find there are some serious problems with those results.

Stop Facebook-Stalking Your Former Squeeze 

Breaking up is hard enough on its own, but when both you and your ex hang out on social media you can watch exactly how your (former) best beloved is moving on. A study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking suggests that it’s probably healthier to click on something like a cat video instead.

Is There Really An Equation For Staying In Love?

Psychologists John and Julie Gottman spent years observing couples’ behaviour and developed a method that claims to predict a romantic relationship’s chances of long-term success. They have (of course) used what they learned to create a $US750-per-couple workshop that aims to help people become better partners.

Grownups Sext, Too

We know that sexting can ruin political careers or lead to arrests. But as long as both participants are adults, it’s legal, and a study presented last weekend at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association suggests that it may also be part of lots of committed relationships.

Short Film: A Late Night Phone Call Can Bring Back So Many Memories

Dan Woodliff’s Still is a powerful short film that shows the emotional roller coaster ride that can happen when you look back at your memories with someone you love. It’s a mix of tense feelings, a whole lot of regret, a dash of hopefulness and a bit of happiness. Anyone who’s been on the phone with an ex after a relationship can relate.

The Mathematical Formulae That Will Help You Get Dates

Video: In a charming TEDx talk at Binghamton University last year, complexity expert Hannah Fry applies her maths skills to romantic relationships. Watch as she explains how pattern theory may help you get dates, how to use optimal stopping theory to pick a spouse, and how an understanding of negativity thresholds can help your marriage succeed.

What Was Your First Kiss Like?

I was a few weeks shy of my fifteenth birthday, at a Christmas party thrown by one of the other members of the high school concert choir. The pizza and cake had been consumed, and everyone had tromped down to the rec room to watch the annual broadcast of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

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