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How The New Steam Refund Policy Works

We all know the feeling when you’ve splashed out on a new game only to fire it up and feel a crushing sense of disappointment. For the first few minutes you might try and kid yourself – after all, you’ve just spent fifty quid on this, so surely you’ll enjoy it? But soon, inevitably, you quietly admit that it terrible and and your wallet is now significantly lighter. Sigh.

The good news is that this could now be a thing of the past for PC gamers. The new Steam refund policy will enable you to get your cash back – but how exactly does it work?

Apple Australia Promises To Stop Misleading Consumers About Their Rights

We’ve often had cause to criticise Apple for its contemptuous attitude to Australian consumer law, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has had several run-ins with the tech giant. Now Apple has given a formal undertaking to the ACCC to ensure it does not mislead consumer about their rights when they’ve been sold faulty goods.

'We're Devastated': The Kogan Mobile Conspiracy To Muscle It Out Of The Market

After a day of turmoil for Kogan Mobile customers and staff alike following ispONE entering administration, Kogan Mobile has finally issued a statement to tell customers what’s going on, and most importantly, let them know what’s going on with their remaining credit. Will you get a refund?

How To Get A Refund From The App Store

There are something like a bazillion apps in the App Store. Do you know what that means? A lot of craptacular apps that should never be put on your iPhone. But sometimes you download an app not knowing it sucks or doesn’t work or is buggy or isn’t what you thought. Can you get a refund from the App Store? Yes! Here’s how.

Your Post-Christmas Guide To Refunds, Exchanges And Warranties

We spend the months leading up to Christmas in a frenzy of shopping, but some of us then spend the days afterwards trying to exchange unwanted gifts or get faulty presents repaired. Know your legal rights before you hit the stores and you’re much more likely to get a good outcome. Lifehacker sums up your entitlements when it comes to refunds, exchanges and warranties.

How HP Tried To Sue Itself Over TouchPad Refunds

The latest bit in the increasingly amusing Laurel and Hardy routine that is the HP TouchPad: HP just tried to sue itself for offering HP TouchPad refunds. No, seriously. This is a thing that happened.

Harvey Norman Offers TouchPad Buyers Refunds

HP has officially killed webOS. Offed it with two dinky sentences in a dinky little press release. It’s sad, sure. And now the handful of customers who forked out $500/$600 for a hunk of now-scrap metal called the TouchPad can get a refund from Harvey Norman.

Is Apple Refunding Users For Final Cut Pro X?

Final Cut Pro X, a re-imagination of how video editing should be, or a botched release beyond any usable recognition, has certainly incensed its share of professional video editors. According to EOSHD, Apple may be refunding copies to placate them.

MobileMe Subscribers Getting Pre-iCloud Refunds From Apple

If your $119 a year MobileMe account just automatically renewed, Apple’s handing you back the dough – indicating that today’s iCloud bonanza will likely include a drop in price for floating in the MobileMe cloud. Or maybe it’ll be free!

Amazon Kindle Leather Cover Snafu Leads To Full Refunds

Kudos to Amazon for jumping out ahead of a potential Kindle cover PR disaster. Refunds for everyone!

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