Reddit CEO: Vast Majority Of Users Don't Actually Care About Drama

The last few days have seen Reddit, the internet’s Fort Knox of cat GIFs, tearing itself apart over the dismissal of Reddit’s unofficial liason between staff and the community. The disagreement caused some subreddits to go offline, turning the site’s front page into a barren wasteland — but according to CEO Ellen Pao, the ‘vast majority’ of users are uninterested.

Meltdown: What The Hell Is Happening At Reddit?

At the heart of Reddit, one of the Internet’s most popular social news and discussion sites, is its users. Over 3.5 million of them keep 9500 subreddits (communities or topics) fed with shared links and constant discussion moderated by an army of volunteers.

Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart

If you take a look at the front page of Reddit right now, you might find it a bit… empty.

Fat-Hating Redditors Flee To Voat, Overload Servers, Demand Bitcoin

You’ve probably never heard of Voat, but the free-speech-loving little Reddit clone is the hottest website in Troll City today. After Reddit officially banned several abusive subreddits, a flood of Redditors fled to Voat, where similar subsites still exist. Voat is now drowning in the traffic and needs Bitcoin to stay afloat.

Scammers And Sceptics Are Strangling The Future Of Digital Money

Bitcoin devotees and other cryptocurrency fans say that maths gives their radical ideas so much potential. But starting a new value system also requires a level of faith in the people using the maths. As “shitcoin” scams pile up, it’s becoming clear that new currencies need trust too. And they don’t have it.

There's A Modern TV Hidden Inside This Classic 1950s Philco Predicta

There’s nothing quite as retro-futuristic as the Philco Predicta television from the late 1950s. That bubbly, detached picture tube. The metal frame. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, the iconic TV set is also notoriously unreliable — and what good is a broken Predicta TV? Well, it turns out it makes a pretty bitchin’ monitor frame.

Nootropics And The Lab Rats Of Reddit

Eric Matzner tells me he takes 30 to 40 pills a day. He is 27 and perfectly healthy. Thanks to the pills, he says he hasn’t had a cold in years. More importantly, the regime is supposed to optimise the hell out of his brain, smoothing right over the ravages of ageing, sleep deprivation and hangovers.

Social Graph Reveals Disturbing Connections Between Subreddits

The people who run some of Reddit’s most popular forums, including ones that have been defaults, are also the same people creating forums for nonconsensual pornography and snuff pictures.

Reddit Finally Banned Stolen Porn 

Reddit is finally slamming the banhammer on porn posted without the permission of the people it depicts. This means no more leaked nude photos, no more revenge porn and no more creepshots. In an announcement, the Reddit team admitted that they’d “missed a chance to be a leader in social media when it comes to protecting your privacy” by allowing this sort of stuff to go down.

Edward Snowden's Reddit AMA Sure Is Going Great So Far

The man who blew the whistle on the NSA’s most intense spying schemes and opened all our eyes to a world where virtually nothing you do online goes unwatched by the Power That Be is doing a little AMA on Reddit right now, to promote his new movie CITIZENFOUR.

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