Australia Is One Of The Worst Places On Reddit

If you’ve ever been onto the r/australia subreddit, you know that it’s mostly ranting about the National Broadband Network, the government and its various shortcomings and other rubbish going on around the country. According to new analysis of sentiment on Reddit, r/australia is one of the unfriendliest places to browse and comment.

Ask iiNet's Steve Dalby Anything Today

Ever wanted to ask iiNet’s chief regulatory officer, Steve Dalby, what he really thinks about piracy? Or the NBN? Or even whether he thinks Spiderman can take The Hulk in a fight? You’re going to get the chance today as the man himself takes to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session.

Game Of Thrones S4: How The Internet Changed Its Allegiances

We’re a fickle bunch, we Internet commenters. That’s the message you get when looking at the swing of community attitudes to Game of Thrones‘ favourite (and previously favourite) characters, over the course of the just-finished fourth season of the show. (warning: spoilers!)

Reddit Study Reveals How To Ask For Favours Online -- And Get Them

If you manage to look beyond irate commenters and festering trolls, the internet can be a friendly place full of people keen to help a brother out. Now, a study of Reddit reveals how people ask for favours online — and the best way to make them succesful too.

10 Of The Weirdest Corners On Reddit

If you’ve ever spent any time on Reddit, you know that bizarre corners and seedy underbellies abound, making it virtually impossible to uncover some of the site’s more absurd stores of knowledge (to use the term loosely). Knowledge, for example, like this, or this, or even this. Proceed at your own risk.

What Is The Single Weirdest Subreddit You've Ever Found?

Given enough time, a stomach of steel, and a can-do attitude, a few minutes on Reddit can quickly devolve into hours lost amongst its many bizarre, horrifying, and inexorably fascinating channels. For the web is dark and full of terrors, friends, and each one of those terrors has its own subreddit.

There's A Dogecoin NASCAR About To Hit The Race Track

The Dogecoin community is all about giving back. They sent the Jamaican bobsled team to the Sochi Olympics, they raised Doge for clean drinking water in Kenya, and funded service dogs for kids in need. Now, they’ve helped a NASCAR driver race at Talledega.

Part Of Reddit Is Weirdly Obsessed With Miele Vacuum Cleaners

On Reddit, there’s a sub-section called Buy It For Life — it’s filled with posts about belts, boots, hair clippers and other ephemera made to last a lifetime. One topic that seems to pop up more often than others is vacuum cleaners, and whenever that topic is discussed, the Miele brand seems to get mentioned more than you’d expect.

10 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake

The fakes just keep on coming, and it’s hard to keep up with all the internet-fuelled deception. Today, we’re taking a look at a few more dubious images that you may have seen floating around the web recently. Punking Putin? Aeroplane selfies? Rocket to Uranus? Fake, fake and definitely fake.

A Former Intel CPU Engineer Shares Some Fascinating Insights On Reddit

A former CPU researcher for Intel put together an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit over the weekend, where he answered the online community’s questions about his experience designing processors and working with the nano-level technology that powers your PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. ‘eabrek’, to use his Reddit alias, had some brilliant insights about the past, present and future direction for processing tech.