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The Sci-Fi Novel Secretly Unfolding In Reddit's Comments

For the last two weeks, strange, violent or seemingly nonsensical comments have been appearing across unrelated Reddit threads. A mysterious user named _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9 (MHE) has been posting pieces of what appears to be a novel that draws heavily on historical events and religion, and show up in apparently random order. The piecemeal nature of the writing from this secretive author has led to a new online community that speculates on the work itself, and on MHE’s true identity.

The Best Place To Find Stuff On Reddit Is Promoting Misogynistic Garbage

Subreddit of the Day is about celebrating the cool, weird, fun parts of Reddit. Every day the moderators of SROTD pull a subreddit from a large pool of nominees and promote it. In the past few weeks they have featured subreddits devoted to stuff like drones, fan art and frustrating gifs that cut off the best part at the end.

Face Swapping With Ancient Statues Is A Brilliant Use Of The Technology

If you’ve been to the app store on your phone recently, you’ve probably noticed a slew of clever apps that let you virtually swap faces with someone standing next to you. It’s a fun party trick, but Imgur’s JakeMarshall91 took it to another level by swapping faces with ancient sculptures in a museum.

Why Are All The Third-Party Reddit Apps Vanishing From The App Store?

Last week, only a couple years late, Reddit finally released its own app for iOS and Android users. Today, the most popular third-party Reddit apps have been purged by Apple from its App Store, and no-one knows why.

This Person And Their BB-8 Car Just Won Star Wars Fandom 

Many people consider themselves big Star Wars fans. But how many of those people not only have a ton of creativity, but the guts to put it out there for the world to see? This California resident is all that and then some.

Reddit Has Subtly Said That The Government Secretly Requested User Data Last Year

Every year, Reddit publishes a transparency report detailing how many requests for information it received, along with more mundane things like copyright takedowns. What Reddit can’t say, by law, is if it’s been sent any US National Security Letters, AKA secret subpoenas. Nod nod wink wink.

Watching Stuff Get Smooshed By A Hydraulic Press Is So Satisfying

Barbie, you may have set impossible standards for young women across the world, but this is not the fate you deserved.

Steve Wozniak: Apple Wasn't Really Founded In A Garage

Lesser-known Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak recently sat down with Reddit for a video interview, and a more traditional AMA. Among the nuggets of wisdom: the Apple Watch lineup is “too complicated”, and Apple’s garage origins is partly a myth.

Clever Short Film Details The Silliest And Most Inconsequential Reasons People Break Up

Video: Sometimes the person you love is perfect except for one little, tiny, unavoidable, totally obnoxious thing.

I'm Struggling To Understand This Dyslexia-Demonstrating Website

Trying to explain dyslexia falls into the same category as describing colour to someone without sight, or Donald Trump to a non-American: technically possible, but not likely to be pretty. This letter-shifting website helps solve that problem.

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