10 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake

The fakes just keep on coming, and it’s hard to keep up with all the internet-fuelled deception. Today, we’re taking a look at a few more dubious images that you may have seen floating around the web recently. Punking Putin? Aeroplane selfies? Rocket to Uranus? Fake, fake and definitely fake.

A Former Intel CPU Engineer Shares Some Fascinating Insights On Reddit

A former CPU researcher for Intel put together an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit over the weekend, where he answered the online community’s questions about his experience designing processors and working with the nano-level technology that powers your PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. ‘eabrek’, to use his Reddit alias, had some brilliant insights about the past, present and future direction for processing tech.

Nine True Facts That Sound Made Up But Are Actually Completely True

Sometimes, things sound real but are completely fake. Those fake facts are just so convenient sounding and come perfectly wrapped in a bow tie that they spread like a disease. And then there are other facts that sound like complete made up bullshit but are actually real. Those are the scary ones.

Lorde Posted 'Royals' To 4chan Before It Hit #1 [Updated]

Lorde’s Grammy-winning song Royals spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Charts in 2013, making it one of the most popular songs of the last 12 months. From little things big things grow, as is evidenced by the humble beginnings of the song: looks like Lorde shopped it around on 4chan looking for advice.

This Oculus Rift Game Lets You Play And Fly As An Eagle

Forget Flight Simulator: someone made a full-on Eagle simulator for the Oculus Rift. Warning: you may throw up.

Reddit Has A Burgeoning Gun Market, And Its Sales Numbers Are Shocking

Reddit’s great for many things: funny pictures, interesting factoids, revealing crowd-sourced interviews. Also, assault rifles. Mother Jones just published an unnerving investigation into the little known gun market tucked into the GunsForSale subreddit, and the numbers are disturbing.

Reddit Is Trying To Actually Make Some Money

90 million unique visitors a month has to be good for something. But so far Reddit hasn’t been able to stay consistently profitable even with all those people (yeah, you) banging down the door.

Reddit's Earliest Days Were A NSFW Wonderland

Reddit’s come a long way since it first appeared online in 2006 — but how has it changed over time? This visualisation shows how the relative sizes of its subreddits have changed.

How All Of Reddit's Communities Overlap, Visualised

Reddit may the front page of the internet, but it’s also home to all manner of weird and wonderful niche interest groups. This visualisation reveals how they all relate to each other.

The Internet Has Passed Judgement On The Australian Government's Scam Awareness Site

The internet is not a forgiving place, least of all for government websites that look like they were constructed during the GeoCities era. Unfortunately for Australia’s ScamWatch site, the users of Reddit have seized onto its outdated appearance, going so far as to accuse it of resembling the very sites it’s trying to educate about.