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Watch Old US Dollar Bills Get Turned Into Dirt

Video: When the Fed constantly replaces old, tattered dollar bills with new, crispy cash, millions of notes get pulled out of circulation while new dollar bills get put in circulation. So what happens to all that old money? It gets shredded. But then what?

Watch A Photocopier Somehow Get Transformed Into A Trumpet

Video: There’s about 2kg of salvageable copper inside your typical photocopier (mostly in the power supply and the motor’s copper windings). Copper that can be mixed with zinc to create brass. Brass that can be shaped out to make a trumpet. It’s the circle of life!

These Sick Sneakers Are Made From Ocean Garbage

Companies like New Balance have been using recycled plastic from water bottles to make shoes for years now. But Adidas is taking that idea one step further. Teaming up with Parley for the Oceans, its new Adidas x Parley sneakers are also made from plastics recovered from the ocean.

Why Are We So Bad At Recycling Rare Metals From Technology?

Last month, the internet flew into a frenzy over news that Apple recovered $US40 ($52) million worth of gold from old gadgets last year. That story turned out to be wildly oversold. But our eagerness to celebrate a tech company’s recycling victory speaks to a disturbing truth.

Apple's Recycling Program Netted $40 Million In Gold Last Year

Over the last year, Apple processed 40,823 tonnes of electronics that were unwanted or broken. It turns out they were nearly worth their weight in gold — a substance which is used heavily in electronics for its conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

In Australia There Are More Old Mobile Phones Than People

The number of old mobile phones cluttering up Australian homes has reached a whopping 25.5 million handsets, of which four million are broken and no longer even working.

Consumer smartphone saturation and hoarding behaviour in Aussies has created what e-waste experts are calling a ‘critical mass’ of mobile phone clutter, as they call for more education around recycling.

Simple Tool Turns Plastic Bottles Into Nearly Indestructible Plastic Rope

Big Rope has a stranglehold on the ‘tying things down’ industry, and if you’re tired of paying through the nose for a few metres of twine, you’ll want to consider backing the Kickstarter campaign for this simple tool that can turn empty plastic bottles into super strong plastic rope.

Australian Scientists Are Making Hair Products From Wool Waste

From the shearing shed to catwalk, world stockpiles of waste wool are suddenly in fashion with South Australian scientists who have found a way to give them high value.

Flinders University researchers have developed clean technology to dissolve waste wool and unwanted woollen products to produce a high-value protein called keratin, which you may recognise from your hair products.

Turn A Broken 1986 Macintosh Plus Into An Amusing Rubbish Bin

Here’s a great way to enrage the Apple fans in your life who put all of the company’s creations on a pedestal. Someone who goes by the handle hahabird on Imgur converted the shell from a classic 1986 Macintosh Plush into a rubbish bin, complete with a spring-loaded screen flap.

This Ingenious Printer Recycles Scrap Paper Into New Paper Right In Your Office

This is PaperLab: Epson says it’s the world’s first recycling system to take waste paper and instantly transform it into new paper — onsite, in your office.

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