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Important Update On The Wu-Tang Clan Super Secret Album Saga

Briefly: They sold it. Wu-Tang Clan spent nine years making a super secret album called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, of which only a single copy would be sold. A few months ago, a “private American collector” quietly bought it for “millions” of dollars. Wu-Tang threw in some free $US55,000 ($75,966) speakers, too.

Here's What A Record Painted With Conductive Ink Sounds Like 

Conductive paint is incredibly cool — it lets you create a circuit on virtually any material, from human bodies to a concrete wall. But a record? That’s new.

Can A Laser-Etched Tortilla Actually Play Music Like A Vinyl Record?

One of those jokester Vines had previously made a six-second funny on a tortilla playing music, but Rhapsody Records wanted to see if it was actually feasible. Supposedly it is! They took an uncooked flour tortilla and then laser etched the deliciousness into something that can hold music.

This Crazy Vertical Turntable Is The Best Way To Show Off Your Records

Thanks to the growth of Urban Outfitters and independent local free-trade coffee shops, vinyl records are back on the rise. But this is still the 21st century: Why settle for a pedestrian, boring, flat record player, when your vinyl could be proudly spinning vertically?

Incredible Microscope View Of A Vinyl Record Playing In Slow Motion

Video: I don’t care that I supposedly understand how vinyl records work because I still totally think they’re the work of at least some low level sorcery. Trapping sound and music and voices? Come on! Anyways, my disbelief aside of analogue technology aside, here’s a cool microscope view of vinyl records being played.

How To Get Started With Vinyl Records

So you want to start spinning records in your living room. Here’s a collection of the advice I’ve given n00bs just like you over the last couple of years. Getting started can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here’s how to get going.

These Balloonists Just Broke A Decades-Old Distance Record

In the surprisingly competitive world of long-distance ballooning, the world distance record is the holy grail — more or less the equivalent of the marathon record. Somewhere just off the San Fransisco coastline, two guys just broke that record — and they’re still flying.

Vinyl's Surge Hasn't Slowed One Bit

2014: bad for digital music sales, great for vinyl. Like, really great. According to Nielsen SoundScan, vinyl sales hit 9.2 million, a 52 per cent jump from 2013 figures, and an all-time high for vinyl on SoundScan, which began tracking sales in 1991. Damn.

This Transforming Briefcase Turntable Is A Walkman For Your Records

Just because you prefer the warm, crackly sound of vinyl records to MP3s doesn’t necessarily mean you also like being tethered to a home stereo whenever you want to listen to your record collection. So Pyle has created this portable turntable that transforms into a briefcase for easy transport, and also includes a rechargeable battery powering a pair of flip-out speakers.

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Neil Young And Jack White Press A Record On Stage

You’ve probably seen Jimmy Fallon do his ultra-famous Neil Young impression before, but there’s nothing better, really, than seeing Mr Young himself on the Fallon stage, playing a track inside Jack White’s old-school novelty recording booth.

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