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This Whiskey Bar Turntable Gets You Loaded On Tunes And Booze

Los Angeles-based custom cabinet maker Luno just combined two great things into one great thing, and I hate my brain for not thinking of it first.

The Force Awakens' Soundtrack On Vinyl Has 3D Spinning Holograms Etched Onto The Records

Given the resurgence in the popularity of records, Disney didn’t really have to do much to sell copies of The Force Awakens soundtrack now that it’s finally available on vinyl, months after the film’s release. But if you still need a reason to drop $US50 ($69) on another copy, the records feature 3D holograms etched right onto them.

Easily Find Aboriginal Place Names With This Interactive Digital Map

100 year old letters, surveys and more containing 88 Aboriginal languages from across Australia have been collated in an interactive digital project by the State Library of NSW.

The project focuses on the Aboriginal place names and meanings for various regions, is searchable by document type or language group, and is opening up discussions in the Aboriginal community about the accuracy of the documents.

Monument Valley Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl Is How You Know The Hipsters Won

Right now you can pre-order the Monument Valley soundtrack on vinyl. That’s right. You can get an iPhone app’s music in the form of a vinyl record. The double LP costs $US40 ($57). Obviously, the hipsters have won.

Sony's Sleek New Turntable Makes Me Want To Rob A Record Store

While Sony attempts to resurrect the Walkman brand as a high def media player, it’s clear that music lovers prefer something more disk-like. No, not CDs. Records!

Sad Supervillain Martin Shkreli Bought That Top Secret Wu-Tang Album

I offer my deepest apologies to Wu-Tang fans. The buyer of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, a record-slash-art-project of which only a single copy will ever be sold, is now owned by a huge douchebag. The millionaire buyer’s identity has been revealed as pill price gouger Martin Shkreli.

Important Update On The Wu-Tang Clan Super Secret Album Saga

Briefly: They sold it. Wu-Tang Clan spent nine years making a super secret album called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, of which only a single copy would be sold. A few months ago, a “private American collector” quietly bought it for “millions” of dollars. Wu-Tang threw in some free $US55,000 ($75,966) speakers, too.

Here's What A Record Painted With Conductive Ink Sounds LikeĀ 

Conductive paint is incredibly cool — it lets you create a circuit on virtually any material, from human bodies to a concrete wall. But a record? That’s new.

Can A Laser-Etched Tortilla Actually Play Music Like A Vinyl Record?

One of those jokester Vines had previously made a six-second funny on a tortilla playing music, but Rhapsody Records wanted to see if it was actually feasible. Supposedly it is! They took an uncooked flour tortilla and then laser etched the deliciousness into something that can hold music.

This Crazy Vertical Turntable Is The Best Way To Show Off Your Records

Thanks to the growth of Urban Outfitters and independent local free-trade coffee shops, vinyl records are back on the rise. But this is still the 21st century: Why settle for a pedestrian, boring, flat record player, when your vinyl could be proudly spinning vertically?

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