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Zoom's New H6 Audio Recorder Will Make Any DSLR Filmmaker Salivate

Back in April we learned that Zoom had a successor to the popular H4N audio recorder in the making. Details were slim, but it certainly looked promising. Well, now we have the full low-down on the new device.

Clip-On Recorder Simplifies Phone Call Recordings

Recording a conversation on your smartphone isn’t as easy as you think it would be due to varying and ambiguous laws. While the legalities might be hard to get around, you can still simplify call recording with the U2 Mobile Recorder.

Minuscule Voice Recorder Guarantees No One Will Know You're A Snitch

When you’re involved in a sting operation, or just trying to collect some incriminating evidence, the last thing you want is the perps realising you’ve been recording everything. And since the days of sneakily recording a conversation with a phone in your pocket are long gone, this ridiculously tiny voice recorder could be the next best thing.

Zoom Q2HD Review: Nice Mic, Forgettable Video

Zoom makes some fine audio recording equipment — not the best in the industry, but they’re generally fantastic value. Now, with the Q2HD, the company has added video-recording capability to a nice handheld field microphone. Is it going to make you the next Ron Burgundy?

Microcassette Records Messages Without A Recorder

When I was in university, a microcassette recorder was the state-of-the-art way to record a lecture. But now, this novelty digital recorder that’s only made to look like a microcassette makes me feel terribly old and dated.

Semi-Legal Bluetooth Call Recorder: Did The Wire Teach Us Nothing?

Your smartphone can do many things, but because of legal restrictions, it can’t easily be used to record a conversation. This Bluetooth handset happily will, though, documenting over 340 hours of calls, whether or not the other party knows it.

Snoozerr Links Lectures To Pictures

Most of the time when you record lectures, you’re limited to audio only. Unfortunately, audio is only half the story. You’re missing out on all the charts and pictures. Snoozerr wants to fix that by integrating photos into the recording.

The Zoom H2n Will Record Warfare Five Times Better

Zoom’s recorders have always been pretty solid, but their latest seems like it was made for action. With its five onboard “studio quality” microphones, the Zoom H2n can hone in on the timidest of interviewees even under heavy fire.

The Tiny Probe That Stands Up To 320km/h Tornadoes

Some would say that Tim Samaras is nuts. Why’s that? Because in 2003, Tim placed a couple of cameras and three probes in front of an oncoming F4 tornado that was 100 yards away and blasting 320km/h winds. And he did it all for science.

iPhone Call Recorder: There Is A Fugly Piece Of Hardware For That

If there isn’t an app you deem decent, make an unattractive, bulky hardware solution. At least that was this guy’s idea. Apparently making a switch box was the only way to inconspicuously record iPhone calls.

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