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Wifi Networks Can Now Identify Who You Are Through Walls

Who needs a peep hole when a wifi network will do? Researchers from MIT have developed technology that uses wireless signals to see your silhouette through a wall — and it can even tell you apart from other people, too.

Turn Any Surface Into A Touch-Sensitive Instrument With A $US20 Microphone

My desk is boring. My walls are boring. My windows are boring. I need to liven them up by turning them into musical instruments that detect and recognise my touch. Fortunately, that’s cheaper and easier than it sounds.

Eric Schmidt Thinks Facial Recognition Is Very, Very Bad Except Maybe For Famous People

Former Google CEO—and current Google evangelist—Eric Schmidt made his thoughts on facial recognition very clear yesterday, saying it was “very concerning,” and that Google wouldn’t dream of a database like that. Except they did! In dreamy patent form.

Artificial Intelligence On Its Way To Replacing Humans

We’ve all seen the future of computing in movies. We talk to Hal and Jarvis and they’re smart enough to recognise what we want them to do. Today’s computers are learning to be like that, just not as cool. Yet

Vocal Joystick Makes Everyone Go Aaaaaah Oooooooh Ka-Ching!

newVideoPlayer("vocaljoy_gawker.flv", 475, 376); I know this video shouldn’t make me laugh because the Vocal Joystick—a software that allows you to control your computer mouse using eight vowel sounds and the “sounds k and ch simulate clicking and releasing the buttons”—is amazing for people with disabilities. But I can’t help it, I just find it hilarious. Its developers at the University of Washington have now came up with a version that controls a robotic arm to further help people with serious mobility problems.

Medion GoPal P4425 SatNav has Fingerprint Recognition

Given that SatNav systems are one of the hottest items to steal these days, Medion’s latest GoPal might go some way in redressing the balance. Its P4425 model boasts fingerprint recognition for extra security, meaning that not only will thieves be unable to use it, but might find it that little bit harder to find out where you live &mdash unless, of course, your car is parked in your driveway when they break into your motor and steal it.

That Ekon fingerprint reader we tested on ...

That Eicon fingerprint reader we tested on Windows now has a Mac version of the software that works with Keychain, locking/unlocking your computer, faster user switching and logging on. [UPek via OhgIzmo]

Sennheiser VMX100 Bluetooth Headset Has VoiceMax Voice Distinguishing Technology

Sennheiser’s latest Bluetooth headset, the VMX 100, has on-board technology that distinguishes the human voice from background noise in order to provide a clearer outgoing sound during conversations. We’re unsure how well the headset will distinguish background noise when the background noise is actually human conversation, but at least it’ll have five hours talk time and 100 hours standby. The thing looks absolutely gigantic with the Borg attachment fitting over the ear, but we suppose that’s where the voice distinguishing technology lives. [CNET] Phone Service Listens to Your Calls, Makes You Watch Ads

It sounds like a double-whammy of a bad idea: a free phone service that determines which ads to target to you by applying speech-recognition to all your conversations. To make things worse, the home page of insults potential customers by saying it’s “a breakthrough technology that makes your phone calls interesting.” Hey, my phone calls are a thrill a minute.

A1Pro Keyboard Has Handwriting Pad With Character Recognition

This A1Pro keyboard isn’t that useful for us, who can type just fine with the standard QWERTY keys, but is incredibly useful for, say, Chinese people who want to write characters the way they’re used to writing on paper (typing takes a lot longer to learn). The keyboard looks normal on the left, but instead of a numpad, it has a smallish glowing tablet. If we ever wanted to write in Chinese—which we haven’t done in about 14 years—we’d pick up one of these for $25.48. [Dealextreme via Crave via Gearfuse]

AU: Looks like it shuts out us sinister handed folks… -SB

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