Nest Protect Is Back On The Shelves With A Cheaper Price Tag

Two months after Nest took its smart smoke detector Protect off the shelves based on an internally identified safety issue, Protect is once again for sale. Nest announced it would resume sales in a late-night blog post today — and the news comes with a welcome price chop.

Nest Is Recalling Over 400,000 Protect Smoke Alarms

A little more than a month after Nest announced it would halt the sale of its Protect smoke and CO alarm, the company has announced the official recall of every alarm sold so far. A report filed on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website announced the recall.

Dyson Recalling Hot + Cool Fan Heaters Across Australia; Short-Circuit Problems To Blame

Dyson’s Hot + Cool Air Multiplier fan heaters are being recalled worldwide, for a safety fix after a small number of units short-circuited and caught fire. Apparently up to a million heaters are up for repair; the “potential safety issue” has Dyson offering any customers a free repair including postage to and from Dyson’s Australian workshops, and a brand new two year warranty upon the devices’ return.

Fitbit Is Recalling All Force Wristbands

Fitbit announced today that it will recall its new Force model, after users complained of rashes and burns while wearing it. Fitbit CEO James Park says the recall is motivated by “an abundance of caution”.

Thousands Of MacBook Pro Batteries Being Recalled Over Fire Risk

US retailer, Best Buy, is recalling 5100 replacement batteries for the MacBook Pro after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 13 separate cases in which the batteries caught fire. At least one caused serious injury.

Danger! Your Dick Smith DVD Player May Be About To Catch Fire

Yeah, I know; you’re a modern Giz-reading type, and any media you watch will either be on a Blu-ray disc or stored on your home server. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of portable DVD players out there. And it turns out that four models sold by Dick Smith have potential battery overheating issues, which has prompted the chain to issue a recall.

You Might Be Allergic To Your Canon Camera

Canon just released a statement saying the front rubber grips of some Canon EOS 650D DSLR cameras may cause an allergic reaction. The grips could also turn white after a short period of time, which combined with the possibility of allergies, is, uh, sort of a problem since you hold the thing to take pictures.

Some Of Canon's S100s Are Having Lens Issues [Updated]

Canon has issued an alert to its premier point-and-shoot PowerShot S100 camera owners, telling them that their lens might get stuck while extended in certain conditions. No need to panic though, you’ll get a free repair if it happens.

The Only Action Your HP Fax Machine Might Get This Year Is A Deadly Fire

Not only do fax machines still exist, but HP sells them, and the government is forcing a recall of nearly one million of the obsolete things. Why? They might burn down your house — ancient and deadly, like a velociraptor.

Sony Australia Recalling BRAVIA TVs

Bought a Bravia TV between July 1, 2007, and December 31, 2008? You might want to check whether it’s still safe to use; Sony’s issued a safety recall on models sold in Australia in that time period due to fire risk.