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Report: Samsung Tested The Exploding Galaxy Note7 Batteries Itself

While companies like Apple use third-party companies to test its phone batteries, a new report reveals that Samsung tested the exploding Galaxy Note 7 battery in-house.

After Barf Bar Fiasco, Soylent Lovers Search For Meaning

Yesterday, after Gizmodo reported on Soylent’s Food Bar product making dozens of people ill — with some even landing in the ER — Soylent announced it would stop selling the bars and told its customers to throw out what they had left.

How To Find Out If Your Galaxy Note 7 Has A Safe Battery

Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7 is in full gear, with fixed units expected in stores from September 21. Now, Samsung has detailed what it’s doing to let owners know whether or not their new Note 7 is safe.

Samsung Will Replace, Refund Or Repair All Galaxy Note7s In Australia

As part of Samsung’s worldwide recall affecting over a million Galaxy Note7 smartphones, every owner of a Note7 in Australia — even if they bought the phone overseas or online — will be contacted proactively to arrange their choice of a replacement phone, a full refund, or an expert repair. No battery fire incidents have been reported in Australia, but the company is taking unprecedented steps to address any potential issue to keep customers happy.

Ivanka Trump's Chinese-Made Scarves Recalled Because They're Super Flammable

Roughly 20,000 Ivanka Trump brand scarves have been recalled for not meeting US federal flammability standards. To put it plainly, you don’t want to smoke while wearing these Chinese-made neck-blankets if you value the way your face currently looks.

Australian Product Safety Recall: AirWalk Hoverboard

If you recently purchased the AirWalk Self-Balancing Electric Scooter on Scoopon or Catchoftheday, you need to stop using it. The ACCC has issued a safety recall on the product’s battery charger which failed to comply with Australian standards. There is a potential risk of electric shock.

A Simple Flaw Is Causing A Huge Recall Of 1.3 Million Bikes 

Recalls aren’t uncommon, but this is a big one: A group of thirteen bike brands are recalling more than 1.3 million disc brake-equipped bikes.

Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Cars For Being Easily Hackable  

If you own a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will want to check this out: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling 1.4 million cars due to a security flaw that leaves the vehicles vulnerable to complete takeovers from hackers.

IKEA Recalls 27 Million Dressers After Children Crushed To Death

IKEA is urging people to accept a free wall anchoring kit for around 27 million of its dressers in the US as a response to children getting crushed to death by them.

Apple Recalls Beats' Pill XL Speaker Because It's A Fire Hazard

Beats’ Pill XL speakers are HOT HOT HOT! As in, they will literally catch on fire, and you should remove them from your home or office environment immediately. Apple is recalling Beats’ largest Pill speaker model because overheating batteries may cause the oblong, overpriced speakers to be set ablaze.

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