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How 'Memory Hacking' Is Becoming A Reality

Movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Inception suggest it may eventually be possible to erase, modify or even implant memories into your brain. An upcoming episode of American science show NOVA introduces viewers to this futuristic possibility and the scientists who are trying to make it happen.

Toyota Recalling 300,000 Cars In Australia

Toyota is recalling a whopping 6.39 million cars around the world right now, and 297,000 of those vehicles live in Australia. If you’ve got one of these, it’s time to visit your dealer.

Porsche Will Replace Every Single 911 GT3 Engine After Finding That They Catch Fire

785 engines. That’s how many replacements Porsche will need when it comes to fixing the insanely fast Porsche 911 GT3 around the world. You see, the fastest car Porsche currently makes had to be recalled after it found they had a nasty habit of catching fire. Now it’s replacing every single engine after it figured out the problem.

8 Questions About Dell's Cat Urine Recall

Do you own a Dell Latitude 643u ultrabook? Does your Dell Latitude 643u Ultrabook smell like cat urine? And do you, in fact, not own a cat? Well, then, we have some good news for you, friends. Dell has officially issued a recall for their recent fleet of cat pee computers, and it’s giving away the non-odoriferous replacement parts for free.

Volkswagen Is Recalling A Whopping 25,000 Cars In Australia

With safety concerns over Volkswagen cars losing power at speed of late, the German automobile manufacturer has decided to recall over 25,000 cars in the country across pretty much all of its product lines. Oh dear.

Sony Is Halting Xperia Tablet Sales Following Manufacturing Defect [Updated]

Oh dear. Sony came out of this year’s IFA conference so well. It was a perfect return to form for a company we’ve been keen to see better things out of for a while. Now though, cracks are starting to form in the company’s core products. The Sony Xperia Tablet S — Sony’s first tablet under the Xperia banner — is being recalled due to a construction fault.

Apple’s Recalled First Gen iPod Nanos Are Now Being Replaced With New Models

Back in November, Apple recalled its first gen iPod nanos because of battery issues. Early responders had theirs replaced with the same model — but now Apple is sending out the current Nano instead.

Recalled Nanos Replaced With The Same Model

Last weekend we reported that Apple was recalling some of their first generation iPod Nanos with concerns that the ageing battery could overheat. And those of you hoping for an easy upgrade to the latest gen model will be disappointed.

Apple Recalls The First Gen iPod Nano

Apple hasn’t been having the best couple of weeks recently. The iPhone 4S’s battery woes have been a big issue, and the iOS 5.01 update they released to remedy the problem seems to have opened an entirely new can of worms. But now it’s come to light that the company has also recalled the first generation iPod Nano over safety risks with its ageing battery.

China's Bullet Trains Recalled Over Safety Concerns

China’s second largest bullet train maker has recalled fifty-four trains over safety concerns. The government is also suspending future expansion of the high-speed railway while it examines the safety of existing lines.

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