I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This

I love Wikipedia, but too often the articles are just not that easy to read. It’s not that my English isn’t good enough. My English good. There is Simple English Wikipedia, but it doesn’t cover as many topics and it’s not as thorough.

Australia Doesn't Read As Much As You Think, Says Map

According to this map, Australians spend a little over six hours per week reading, which makes us decidedly average when compared with the rest of the world. We do better than the Koreans, but we’re way behind south-east Asia.

This Ring Scans Text And Reads It Aloud For Visually Impaired People

No braille? No problem! This FingerReader by the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab is a high-tech way to help visually impaired people read; it actually scans printed text and narrates it aloud.

Rumour: Microsoft Is Building An Xbox Reader App

Clearly, the future is (possibly) all about reading. A new Microsoft job listing suggests that the company is looking to build “a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics.”

Internet Commenter Syndrome: This Woman Can Write But Can't Read

One fateful Thursday morning, a kindergarten teacher and reading specialist — known only as M.P. for the sake of anonymity — found that the same attendance sheet she’d been using for years suddenly appeared to be covered in hieroglyphs. Not only that, she quickly realised that everything she logically knew to be covered in writing was entirely incomprehensible to her. Though she wouldn’t find out ’til later, M.P. has been the victim of a stroke that left her with an incredibly rare neurological disorder — one more commonly known as “word blindness”.

How Braille Was Invented

Braille was invented by a 19th-century man named Louis Braille, who was completely blind. Braille’s story starts when he was three years old. He was playing in his father’s shop in Coupvray, France, and somehow managed to injure his eye.

Get Great Book Recommendations From Interesting People

You’ve read millions of good books, so what do you recommend when people ask you “Uhh, what should I put in my brain next?” A new website, Just One Book, hosts a collection of such recommendations from interesting people.

This Book Shows You What It's Like To Have Dyslexia

For people with dyslexia, relating their struggle with reading to the general population can be a seemingly impossible and frustrating task. Graphic designer (and dyslexic) Sam Barclay, though, hopes to finally bridge the gap between those with reading difficulties and those without using his new book — a visual experience of what dyslexia actually entails.

This Browser Extension Uses Colour To Make You A Lightning Fast Reader

Those looking to read faster will find an endless supply of tips and methods around the web. Beeline Reader is a service taking a unique approach — using colour to guide your eye.

Clip-On Motion Sensor Lets You Read While Running

Back in April we brought you a device that researchers at Purdue University had developed to make it easier to read while running on a treadmill. But the infra-red goggles and tracking cameras that translated a runner’s movements to the text they were reading was clunky, and no where near as easy to use as the new Run-n-Read clip-on sensor promises to be.