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The Company That Bought Digg Just Made Instapaper Beautiful On The Web

Betaworks, the company that resurrected Digg and bought Instapaper, didn’t waste any time giving Instapaper a makeover. A beautiful redesign of the Instapaper site just went live.

The Scientist For iOS: Top-Ranked Science News Straight To Your Phone

With the number of newsreaders littering the mobile sphere, it’s almsot surprising that there aren’t more niche-specific versions popping up amidst their more general brethren. But that’s exactly what The Scientist is — a no-nonsense, crowdsourced newsreader to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the scientific world.

Best Android Tablet Apps: Readers And Reference

Android tablets can run any Android software, but they really shine with tablet-specific apps and programs that can take advantage of the bigger screen. All week, we’re rounding up our favourite Android tablet apps. Today: apps to keep up with your feeds and check the facts.

The Definitive Collection Of The Craziest Desktop Computer Rigs In The Planet

Desktop computing may be dying, besieged by ultrabooks and tablets, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still loving their crazy desktop setups. Here are the very best ones — located in the homes of artists, musicians, engineers, mad gamers and people who just love computers — compiled from readers’ submissions and hours of searching.

Are Developers The New Rock Stars?

“Developers are the new rock stars. Everybody used to want to join a band. Now they want to create an app.”

Sony's New eReader Is Light, Pleasant, And Massively Late To The Game

Sony’s got a new ereader. It’s actually quite nice. It’s just not as nice as all the other ereaders that are either out or about to be out. And sadly, it’s more expensive than its direct competitors, too. Poor Sony.

Which Kindle Should You Buy?

Holy crap, we’re covered in Kindles. There are six different Kindles you can choose from at 11 different price points. How ever will you decide? Here’s a quick look at all of ’em, and our pre-release pick.

Millennius Joins The eBook Party With A $250 WiFi Model

Let’s be honest – for the most part, if you’re going to buy an eBook reader, you’re either going to grab a Kindle or a Kobo. Or maybe, if you feel like splurging, you might grab a Sony Reader. But if you want to grab an e-ink screened reader for a reasonable $250, Millennius has just jumped into the market.

Sony Launching Reader Apps For iOS and Android

Flowing on from their recent announcement of their new eReaders, Sony has confirmed that they’ll be launching Android, iPhone and iPad apps for Reader by the end of the year.

A Slim New Crop Of Sony Readers Arrives In Town

And lo, the slim and cheap Sony Readers we heard about have arrived, and only the flagship Daily Edition dons a 3G coat. All models have new Pearl e-ink displays, and 2GB of memory.

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