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Razr Burn: My Month With 2004's Most Exciting Phone

In July of 2004, Motorola debuted the Razr V3, one of the most iconic mobile phones of all time. Exactly 10 years later, I shed my iPhone for a month to experience the world where apps don’t exist and T9 reigns king. Maybe I did it for the nostalgia. Maybe I did it because I hate myself just a little bit. Either way, one thing is certain: Using 2004’s hottest phone in 2014 is hell.

Moto X: Meet Motorola's New Mobile Saviour

The Moto X hasn’t exactly been a big secret for Google and Motorola these last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean that the launch of the new, curvy flagship isn’t something to get excited about. Here’s what it’s packing.

Motorola RAZR M Review: The Almost-Nexus Is Almost Good

The way Motorola has been carrying on since it was bought by Google, you’d think it was God’s gift to the smartphone industry. It’s promising the “best of Google” despite the fact that it’s not offering a Nexus-branded handset any time soon. This is what happens, then, when a manufacturer sets out to go it alone on making a Nexus phone.

Lost Pictures Found In Old Motorola Razrs Sold On eBay Are Epic

Even though we had crappier phones with crappier cameras, most of us still loved to document our not-so-crappy lives on our phones. New York artist Kyle M. F. Williams bought 44 Razr phones on eBay and found that “half of them still had texts, sexts, pics and vids”. He put them all together in a book.

Telstra Is Getting Two New Motorola RAZRs

Telstra has today pledged to bring two of the three new Motorola smartphones to Australia — complete with 4G support — before the end of the year.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD Hands-On: Full-Screen Beauty In A Kevlar Coat

We haven’t seen a flagship device from Motorola since the RAZR was announced nearly a year ago. A case could be made for the RAZR MAXX, which hasn’t officially been brought to Australia, but Motorola needed something new and splashy to compete with the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Updated with hands-on impressions and videos.

Motorola's Secret Weapon For Its Next Phone Is A Complete Edge-to-Edge Screen?

The Motorola phones that have leaked before its announcement event next week have mostly been varying degrees of meh. Droid Razr somethin’ or another who cares. How are they going to make some noise? How about a complete edge-to-edge screen, meaning the entire front of the device is the display? Whoa.

New Motorola Razr HD Images Leaked In YouTube Videos?

Is this the new phone Motorola is going to be showing off on September 5? Maybe. The image above is taken from video tutorials that appeared on YouTube, showing what seems to be a new Motorola handset.

Motorola Razr V: More Of The Same For Less Of Your Dollars

We enjoyed the first pass at the Motorola Razr, and marvelled at the Razr MAXX’s 21-hour battery life. Now Motorola is having another go at the formula we liked so much last time and releasing the Razr V to Optus — a handset that appears to only be cheaper in price rather than specs.

New Google Maps Makes Taking The Bus Easier

Public transit riders used to have to just settle for the route that Google Maps dictated — no discussion, no sharing of feelings, nothing. But, the newest iteration of Maps will tailor the route to your preferences while looking gorgeous on Ice Cream Sandwich.

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