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Razer Donating Proceeds Of Cancer-Themed Game To Cancer Charities

Gaming peripheral and software company Razer announced today it will be donating all proceeds from the sales of narrative videogame That Dragon, Cancer on its OUYA store Cortex, to charity.

Gaming Software Showdown: Logitech Gaming Vs. Razer Synapse

Logitech and Razer both have some pretty awesome gaming peripherals. Whether you’re playing games or getting real work done, they’re both great options. The software they use have some small, but important differences. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

Razer Announces More Support For Game Streamers At TwitchCon 2015

The fact that TwitchCon 2015 even exists is testament to the huge place that streaming services are making for themselves in the gaming world — and Razer has made it clear that it’s keen to get in on that action. At last weekends event, they announced a whole heap of new gaming products and services, which were for the most part they were targeted at streamers who want to take their game to the next level.

Razer's New Nabu Smartband Is Made For Zombie Survivors

Track your fitness — while you’re running from zombies. Track your sleep — while you’re hiding from zombies. See your notifications — probably not coming from zombies. Noticing a trend? Razer’s newly redesigned Nabu smart bracelet looks like a pretty straightforward energy tracker, but its marketing has a decidedly postapocalyptic flavour.

Razer Seiren Pro Studio Microphone: Australian Review

Depending on how much you like your hobbies, you’ll be prepared to spend a good deal of cash on them. Think you’ll like flying drones? $2000 for a DJI Phantom 3 Professional and you’re set. Think you’ll like snapping photos? Prepare to drop a couple of grand on a good DSLR or mirrorless camera and a couple of grand more on lenses. In that context, Razer’s pro-grade podcasting and Twitch streaming mic seems affordable. At $399, it’s pricy, but you get what you pay for.

Razer Gets In Your Face With A 3D Camera

Razer is making an Intel-powered Kinect for PCs. A 3D-sensing depth camera that uses Intel’s RealSense technology. Why would you want that? Well — Intel says it will let anyone put their face into a Twitch game streaming video.

Razer Blade 2015 Review: Finally Living The Thin Gaming Laptop Dream

Razer has spent years trying to build an impossible laptop — a powerful gaming portable with the facade of a thin business machine. It’s come close four times, but the Razer Blade has never quite managed to stick the landing. At least until now — I’ve spent the last two weeks with the new 2015 model, and it’s almost perfectly balanced.

The New Razer Blade Might Be The Gaming Laptop We've Been Waiting For

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have it all: a thin, attractive laptop powerful enough to play any game you throw at it? Razer’s Blade laptops keep narrowly missing the mark — but this time may be different.

Razer's Hard-To-Find Nabu Fitness Band Now Comes In A Cheaper Model

The Razer Nabu smartband never quite made it to market — unless you count a few thousand early adopter pre-orders here and there. But Razer’s already taking the wraps off a cheaper alternative: the $US50 Nabu X.

Razer's Master Plan To Win Living Room Gamers Starts With Android TV

Every year, Razer comes up with a crazy product to wow the crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show. A tablet with a built-in controller! A Lego-like desktop PC! But this year’s surprise is actually four products that work together: an Android TV microconsole, a Bluetooth gamepad, a streaming service, and a wireless lapboard. The best lapboard ever.

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