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Last Day Of School: 8 Tech And Science Projects For Your Kids To Do This Summer

School’s out for summer, which means that it is up to you, the parents, to stop your kids’ minds from rotting over the next six weeks. So no pressure there, then.

Easy As Pi - LattePanda Is A Supercharged Pi-Like Minicomputer For $110

Taking inspiration from the Raspberry Pi, the LattePanda Kickstarter is betting that if you’re willing to pay $50 for a minicomputer, you’re willing to pay over $100 for a better one. Judging by the impressive amount of power the LattePanda has under its sleeve, it’s probably right.

Just How Fast Is The Raspberry Pi Zero?

As an extremely compact computing board, you can probably guess the $US5 Raspberry Pi Zero isn’t going to scream through the benchmarks. But how exactly does it fare against its competitors (and siblings)? We need numbers, stat!

There's A New Raspberry Pi That Only Costs $19

Raspberry Pi has been making small, affordable computer for a while now, but it’s just gone and made things insanely cheap. Its latest miniature computer, the Pi Zero, will cost just $19.

Starforce Pi Promises To Be Your One-Stop-Shop For Portable Retro Gaming

The Raspberry Pi seems to have become the go-to mini-computer of choice for emulation enthusiasts. It’s cheap, flexible and small enough for just about any project. You’ll soon be able to add the Starforce Pi to the growing ranks of pre-built, retro game-playing devices available to the masses, powered by the Pi.

This Official $75 Kit Makes It Easy To Run Windows 10 On A Raspberry Pi

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that a free version of Windows 10 would be available for Raspberry Pi devices. Now it’s here, and this $US75 kit aims to make the process of using it as straightforward as possible.

This Is The First Official Touchscreen For The Raspberry Pi

People have been plugging Raspberry Pi boards into all kinds of displays for years, but now there’s an official — and portable — option: a 7-inch (17.78-centimetre) touch screen that will set you back just $US60.

The Original Raspberry Pi Board Just Got A Price Cut

Briefly: The Model B+, which spent a while as the flagship board before the Pi 2 came into being, is now just $US25. The Raspberry Pi foundation claims this is due to manufacturing efficiencies found in the manufacture of the Pi 2 board; I’m sure it has nothing to do with the new $US9 CHIP microcomputer on Kickstarter.

I Want This LED Light Strip That Blinks When Your Train Is Late

At this point, there are heaps of apps that let us know when our trains are running late. But apps aren’t nearly as pretty as an LED light strip set up to blink when something’s wrong with your commute.

You Can Download A Free Windows 10 Preview For Raspberry Pi Right Now

Earlier this year, we found out that Windows 10 was going to be free on Raspberry Pi. Now, Microsoft’s made the first Windows 10 previews for the little computer available to download.

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