Rap Stars And Their Uncanny Renaissance Art Doppelgangers 

With their furs and bling and ‘tude, today’s rap stars are a lot like the aristocrats of yore. A hilarious tumblr chronicles the accidental convergences of hip hop and pre-16th century art.

Watch The Seattle Symphony Perform 'Baby's Got Back' With Sir Mix-a-Lot

So this is awkward. Last Friday, the Seattle Symphony teamed up with Sir Mix-a-Lot to perform his number one hit “Baby’s Got Back”. It’s not so much the idea of rapping over an orchestra that’s awkward though. It’s the dancing.

Charting The Popularity Of Tech Through Hip-Hop Lyrics

Rap music is usually a pretty good marker of what’s trendy — or what’s going to be trendy in a few months. Maybe people were bragging about Sidekicks in the early aughts, but when did that drop off? RapGenius’s new RapStats feature shows you.

Gizmodo Meets Dan The Automator, Kid Koala, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

In May of 2000 these three legends of hip-hop formed a supergroup and created something nobody saw coming: A futuristic, sci-fi rap album. Over the years, Deltron 3030 has developed an almost fanatical cult following. The long awaited sequel — officially released in October — is likely to do the same.

The Best Tech References In Rap: From Android To Zuckerberg

Rappers have had a love affair with technology that started long before Biggie Smalls was name-checking Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. And their rhymes cover everything from the CEOs to mobile platforms. Here, we present you with the best tech references in rap.

Watch A Microsoft Exec Hilariously Drop A Very NSFW Rap In Leaked Party Video

Microsoft exec Michael Angiulo had a pretty good day today: Microsoft Surface, an awesome product he helped make and introduce, opened up for pre-orders and this beyond awesome rap he did with rapper Too Short for his 40th birthday came out to the public. This guy is my new favourite technology executive.

Watch Run DMC's Christmas In Hollis Remixed With Emoji

We’ve seen Aziz Ansari remix Jay-Z and Kanye in emoji and now here’s Run DMC’s festive Christmas in Hollis done up with funny faces and random characters too! What’s better, it’s an actual video! The song syncs with the moving stream of emoji messages on the iPhone. So good.

Watch Some Girls Rap About Windows Phone 7

This morning I watched a video compilation of botflies being pulled out of bleeding human flesh. Compared to this “Windows Phone 7 Fangirls Video”, the botfly footage is like butter and candy. This internet deserves destruction. Now.

Jay-Z And Kanye Sample The Apollo 11 Launch

Watch the Throne has been knocking around Twitter, headphones and radio stations since it dropped last week. The production is great — Yeezy, can you do no wrong? But one beat stands out. Probably because it samples NASA’s moon launch.

Watch Obama Spit Fire In This Unhinged CGI G20 Preview

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OK, I think we’ve gotten to the point where those Taiwanese news CGI recreations have officially gotten out of control. Don’t believe me? Maybe this Barack Obama-Hu Jintao rap battle will convince you.

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