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Pull This Cute Portable Heater Around The Room Like A Warm-Bodied Pet

OK, so it’s not quite the right season, but I’ve fallen in love with this adorable Kangeri “nomadic radiator”. Guide the little guy around the room and let him gently warm up your personal space, kind of like the puppy you can’t have because your apartment building won’t allow pets.

This Gorgeous Sheet Of Glass Is Actually An Expensive As Hell Radiator

I won’t fault anyone for spending $US3,640 on this radiator because it looks so flipping cool. Called the Matières à Chaud (Hot Matters) and designed by 5.5 Designers in Paris, its sheet of glass (only half an inch thick!) uses Quantum Glass to heat the room up.

Sometimes, Standing By The Heater Is Not Enough

The number of times I’ve come close to burning my arse when leaning against the heater, I could count on two hands. If I had a radiator that warmed-up removable heatpads I wouldn’t need to bother with a hot-water bottle.

Just An Excuse To Drool

That white thing on the wall is the Splash radiator, by Italian company Runtal. But who cares. I just want to go live there and enjoy the view. [Runtal via Trendir via unplggd]

Ideos: The Future Of Towel Warmers Is Here...Today

I can’t say that I’m all that into radiators—but if I ever needed a cool looking towel warmer, the Ideos from Kermi would definitely fit the bill. [Kermi via Trendir]

Who Says Radiators Have to Be Ugly?

Ugly radiator got you down? New Italian heating brand I-Radium may very well be the answer to your yucky-looking Radiator Blues.

Coiled 'Garden Hose' Radiator is Versatile, Mobile

Generally, I don’t consider radiators to be all that interesting (unless it is shaped like a Lego brick), but this coiled radiator design from Ciussai is definitely an exception. The metal wire tubing can be wound and stretched much like a garden hose, which gives it far more functionality than simply heating a room. For example: you can coil it around a bar to dry clothes or lay it on your bed to warm things up on a cold night. I don’t know how safe all of this is, but I love the idea. And the best part is that it can actually be purchased from Ad Hoc—although pricing details are unknown.

Lego Radiator is the New Hotness

For many of us, it is the time of the year when we start thinking about staying warm. If you happen to be one of those people who is already lounging on a Lego couch or lighting things up with a Lego lamp, you will probably enjoy “Brick”—the latest product designed for the Italian company Scirocco. Apparently, a Lego motif actually makes for a thermally-efficient radiator.

Thermaltake's V1 Cooler is Half Artwork, Half Airy Lungs For Your CPU

Current gadget design tends to favour minimalism… but that’s simply not true for this Thermaltake V1 cooler. Ohoho no. The Thermaltake designer who came up with this must’ve been an artist in a former career. Just look at it: so detailed, organically-shaped and glittery it’s an artwork. And one you’d surely have to show off if you chose to mount it to your CPU. It’s got a 12v fan, operates between 1,300 and 2,000 and is around 12.7cm tall and 10.1cm wide and will cost you around US$60. [BBG via DVice]

Octocube: What the Heck is This?

If you can guess what this is at first glance then you’re a better man than I …

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