Fukushima's Radioactive Water Problem Just Gets Worse And Worse

The clean up crew at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant just can’t catch a break. Just a day after Japan’s nuclear watchdog raised the severity of a recent water leakage incident from a one to a three on the international scale, experts are stepping forward to say that the problem is actually much worse.

Fukushima's Radioactive Puddles Are More Serious Than Anticipated

Japan’s nuclear agency wants to raise the severity level of the new radioactive water leak at the Fukushima. The problem is more serious than initially expected.

Fukushima Now Surrounded By Extremely Radioactive Puddles

A water tank at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan apparently sprung a leak recently. The latest reports from the northern prefecture say that puddles have collected all around the plant, and the implication is clear. Fukushima has a whole new radioactive water problem.

Japan Wants To Build An Ice Wall To Contain Fukushima's Radioactive Water

Radioactive water full of carcinogenic chemicals is leaking out of the Fukushima power plant at a critical rate, critical enough for the Nuclear Regulation Authority to deem the situation an “emergency“. It’s one of those desperate times, and the measures under consideration sound a little bit desperate.

Fukushima Is Leaking Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean After All

Well, over two years after the Tōhuku earthquake and tsunami, TEPCO officials admit that radioactive groundwater has been leaking into the nearby ocean for, well, two years. The confession came just one day after an election that brought Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pro-nuclear party a solid majority, and months after watchdogs raised the red flag about possible ocean contamination.

Should You Actually Be Worried About Nuclear Radiation?

Nuclear physics is a forbidding subject, even to trained physicists. To understand current news and discussions about nuclear science and technology, some background knowledge is required, and the high school science picture of the atomic nucleus as a tiny ball of protons and neutrons needs more refinement. Here are the basics.

FBI Says Two Guys Made An X-Ray Weapon To Make People Sick

In an attempt to “secretly sicken opponents of Israel” and presumably star as the bad guys in a barely believable action movie, two guys from New York have been accused by the FBI of assembling a portable X-Ray weapon that would shoot lethal doses of radiation. Seriously. They were going to sell it to Jewish organisations or the KKK.

Radiation Makes A Manned Trip To Mars Impossible With Current Tech

Though Curiosity the rover can explore and see Mars up close, curious men and women of Earth will have to wait a bit longer. NASA reports that a manned trip to Mars is likely impossible with current technology because of radiation.

How To Create Random Numbers Using Radioactive Material

Think of a random number between one and 10. Most likely you chose seven — so exactly how random was your choice? Turns out that generating a truly random number is more difficult than you might think — but this video should help you get to grips with the problem.

Invisible Lightning Strikes Could Be Bombarding Planes With Radiation

Lightning is a terrifying yet majestic force of nature, especially when you see it from an aeroplane. But scientists have recently discovered that lightning can sometimes be invisible — and it could be bombarding planes with radiation as they fly.