The Future Of Racing Looks So Much More Fun And Badass

This video on the future of racing — based on concept tires designed by Hankook Tire and the University of Pforzheim, Germany — is pretty goddamn fun. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to this point (seeing the evolution of racing since the time of Roman Empire, I wouldn’t be surprised) but it’s great to watch.

Jaust's New Music Video Will Make You Miss Your Slot Cars

Underground street racing isn’t exactly a secret, after all, how many The Fast and the Furious movies have been made about it by now? But underground slot car racing? That sounds like the kind of illegal — but not really illegal — activities we can get behind.

Drag Boat Racing Shoots Up An Awesome Wall Of Water Behind It

Video: These boats racing against each other pack nearly 8000 horsepower and can hit speeds of 418km/h. Basically, they’re really, really fast. But what’s even cooler is what the boats leave in their wake, a perfect wall of water that shoots out and up into the sky. It’s like they’re tearing the water apart.

Formula E's First Race Ends With A Massive Crash

The first ever all-electric Formula E race happened in Beijing over the weekend, and despite the mostly silent competition, there was one particular racing incident that was more exciting than anything Formula 1 has shown in a while.

Here's A F1 Car Racing Against A Motorcycle Racing Against A Supercar

Video: For a second, you think hey maybe the motorcycle has a chance in this Top Gear bit since it screams to a lead but then the land-based jet machine insanity known as an F1 race car steps it up and the other two are fighting not to get lapped by the closest thing we have to a teleportation device on Earth.

Seeing F1 Cars Race In Thermal Vision Is So Freaking Cool

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that racing F1 cars is pretty much insanity. The ridiculous speeds, the punishing G-forces and not to mention the beasts of a machine they call cars. But when you look at a F1 car under thermal vision, you’ll never forget how scary it is: they’re driving fire-breathing monsters.

Daytona Rising: From Ageing Track To Hi-Tech Motorsports Mecca

Daytona International Speedway is undergoing its first major renovation in 55 years. Its first ever, really. On a recent visit, we found out just how far 36 million tonnes of steel, miles of fibre and an eye towards the future will take an ageing behemoth — one that can swallow 14 football stadiums whole.

Drive The Future: One Month 'Til Formula E Starts Racing

There’s only one month to go until the first Formula E road race. To build hype, the all-electric racing series has a new TV commercial, and the ad presents a vaguely unsettling, but completely awesome, peek into an electric future.

Cars Exploding In Drag Races Look Like They Are Made Out Of Jelly

Video: The NHRA put together this gnarly video compilation of wild rides from the first half of the 2014 season and it’s just nuts. These drag races look a lot more like horizontal rocket launches crossed with the flames of Ghost Rider than the cars you and I drive.

Flying Race Car Narrowly Avoids Decapitating Another Pilot

Video: The best part about the video — other than that ridiculously close call of the flying race car launching right pass the driver — is how the driver who almost got crashed into, calmly fixes his side view mirror and keeps driving.

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