Highly Autonomous 'Taranis' Stealth Drone To Be Tested In South Australia Later This Year

Turns out Australia isn’t a bad place to test your secret, supersonic drones! Well, at the very least BAE Systems is keen to put its unmanned “Taranis” stealth UAV through its paces by scooting around the atmosphere above Woomera in South Australia.

Australian Air Force Wants New Spy Drones

As if the new data retention proposals weren’t enough to get you breaking out your tin foil hat, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has revealed that it wants to put seven massive surveillance UAV drones into active service by 2019.

Australia's X-Files: UFO Sighting Near Sydney Had The Air Force Spooked

It was just another ordinary morning in June, 1983 when Queensland dairy farmer Robin Priete looked up and saw something strange hovering in the sky. He phoned local police, who had it described to them as a large white light with flashing lights surrounding it. Normally the police would have written this off as a hoax or dismissed it as a crazy claim, but that’s when three separate people reported seeing the same thing in the night sky. Elsewhere, the Air Force had seen it too, and started to get crews into their fighter jets to respond. Welcome to Australia’s X-Files.

New Boomerang Missile Can Destroy Enemy Fighters Behind Combat Jets

Score another one for Australians after inventing the didgeridoo and koala teddies: Their Air Force just got the first missile that can kill enemy fighters behind their F/A-18s, converting the hunter to (dead) prey.