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Beer2-D3 Can Calculate Hyperspace Jumps to the Drunk Galaxy

Believe it or not, yesterday I learnt there are people who don’t like beer. However, I’m sure they won’t be able to resist the charm of Beer2-D3, which is as cute as B3-3R.

The Bar2D2 Celebrates St Patrick's Day

Our favourite bartending robot is at it again. But I watched his St. Patrick’s Day clip with bated breath, fearing that the poor, drunken automaton might fall to the floor mid-river dance.

You're a Better Person For Having Seen This R2-D2 Ghetto Blaster

In a week where we’ve seen both the AT-AT boombox and golden iPod dock, why not round it out with a R2-D2 ghetto blaster?

R2-D2 Water Bottle For Star Wars Sippin'

Can’t you picture some nerd at the gym, probably wearing glasses and a headband, taking a sip of Red Bull or Mt. Dew out of this R2-D2 bottle while he pumps two kilo weights?

BaR2D2 Is a Real Bar Robot, Doesn't Carry Lightsabers

Remember BaR2-D2, the robot that dispenses beer instead of light sabers which Jabba should have had in his barge? Here is a video of the thing serving drinks in a real party.

R2-D2 Battalion Dances In Preparation to Earth Invasion

I don’t know why people insist on assembling massive robot armies, even if they are R2-D2. Sure they are cute dancing, but one day they will get fed up and kill us all. [starwarsblog]

R2-D2 Aquarium With Radar Eye Periscope

Now you can add “fish tank” along side “beverage cooler” and “projector” on the long list of job titles R2-D2 has had in his post-acting career. But rest assured that no matter what his occupation happens to be, R2 has a strong work ethic. In addition to housing your fish, he will rotate his head and utter his trademark bleeps with any voice command. He also features overhead LED tank lights that rotate colours and a periscope built-into his radar eye for spying on the fish floating in his robo-belly. On the downside, R2 never works cheap—this beauty will set you back $US130. [Hammacher Schlemmer via TFTS via Geekalerts]

Bar2D2, the R2-D2 of Failed Space Operas

Remember that time in Star Wars when R2-D2 shot out the lightsaber to Luke Skywalker? Yeah, well the only problem with that scene was that lightsabers don’t freaking exist. And until they do, robots of the future must be retrofitted with the next best thing—copious amounts of booze. (Which, as we see in this picture, is something that certain cast members of the ill-fated show Firefly can appreciate). galleryPost('bar2d2', 3,'');

Wristwatch With Tiny R/C R2D2 May Be Best Office Distraction Toy Ever

This toy wristwatch is Star Warsishly perfect: it’s a digital blue and white Artoo-themed digital watch with a mini detachable infra-red remote control R2D2. I’d be sending this trundling down the desks in my office to put a smile on my colleagues faces in a pew-pewing instant! (Well, I would if I worked in an office. Here it’d just get chewed by the cats.) Doesn’t look like it makes Artoo’s trademark beeps, though: you’ll just have to be a big kid and supply ’em yourself. It’s out now for about $US40. [Firebox via RandomGoodStuff]

R2-D2 Alarm Clock Requires X-Wing Bedsheets

I hate, hate, alarm clocks. Especially after going out and having way too many straight bourbons. Like yesterday. But I digress. This R2-D2 Alarm Clock will wake you up with real R2 squeeks and electrobabbles. And while it doesn’t have the same power as the much-lusted-after R2-D2 video projector, it projects the time on the wall, too, using lasers, or tractor beams, or probably just LEDs. [Wesco via Toyology]

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