What Came First? The Chicken, The Egg Or These Transforming Star Wars Toys?

Force choke. Force lightning. These are but a few of the more well-known Dark Side powers. Lesser known? Force transforming-into-an-egg, one of the many more obscure Sith tricks Vader never quite found a good excuse to use in any of the films.

The Cute Rolling Ball Droid In The New Star Wars Is A Real Robot Not CGI

Perhaps the best part about the new Star Wars trailer was seeing BB-8, the adorable rolling ball robot in the new Star Wars movie, bounce and roll itself across the screen. It looked so familiar and so cute and so perfect as the new movie’s answer to R2-D2. And the best thing about it? BB-8 is a real robot and not CGI.

R2D2 Just Ate Your Lunch

We know your pain. You loved R2D2 as a kid but were born in the wrong generation to rock an authentic Star Wars lunchbox. Poor soul, you were probably stuck with some lame Saved By the Bell embarrassment.

This R2D2-O'-Lantern Is The Pumpkin You're Looking For

Now that’s how you carve a pumpkin: into a fully rendered R2-D2 jack-o’-lantern. Here’s how Noel Dickover sculpted this tricky treat out of an average 18kg gourd.

The Most Adorable Star Wars Pic Of The Day

If these kids trick-or-treated at my house, they would get every ounce of candy I had. [Buzz Feed]

R2D2 Be Mixin' Dem Phat Beatz

Who knew that R2D2 was such an accomplished DJ? Mixing in soundbites and robot blip bleep bloops from sci-fi films, this music video is definitely worth your attention.

The iPhone-Controlled R2-D2

For now, it’s only the head in a custom-made R2-D2, but soon the whole astromech will obey the orders of an iPhone, including the possibility of firing sounds and send text to its head displays.

$US120 R2D2 Computer Fashioned From Love and a Trash Can

One Star Wars fan/PC modder built this R2D2 case from under $US120 in parts (spoiler: he started with a trash can).

Beer2-D3 Can Calculate Hyperspace Jumps to the Drunk Galaxy

Believe it or not, yesterday I learnt there are people who don’t like beer. However, I’m sure they won’t be able to resist the charm of Beer2-D3, which is as cute as B3-3R.

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