You'll Never Mess Up A Recipe When R2-D2 Does Your Measuring

As far as movie sidekicks go, it’s hard to find one as invaluable as Star War’s R2-D2 was. That little droid was always in the right place, at the right time, with the right tool to save the day. And that now includes your kitchen with this R2-D2 measuring cup set that helps ensure your baking ingredients are always perfectly proportioned.

There's No Better Use For Cup Holders Than This R2-D2 USB Charger

Your dream of cruising around your local galaxy with your feisty astromech droid by your side simply isn’t going to happen in your lifetime. It will be years before robots can even pick up a wrench and remove a bolt by themselves. But ThinkGeek’s got the next best thing. It won’t fix your warp drive, but perched in your cup holder this tiny version of R2-D2 will keep your phones and tablets charged.

Who Needs Roadside Assistance When You Have R2-D2 On Your Car?

If that spunky little astromech droid can help whiny Luke Skywalker lead the Rebellion to defeating the Empire, surely R2-D2 can help you when your radiator’s on the fritz or you have a flat tyre. In fact, who needs to pay for roadside assistance when you have what is arguably the real hero of the Star Wars films at your disposal?

R2-D2 Can Now Make Coffee: This Is The Droid I'm Looking For

Is there a more powerful Force in the galaxy than coffee? I don’t think so. This neat little bit of engineering turns an industrial coffee maker into R2-D2, complete with sounds.

Hologram-Projecting R2-D2 Birthday Cake Makes Us Insanely Jealous

We’ve seen a lot of awesome cake designs over the years, but this is the first time we’ve been genuinely envious over what a six-year-old was served at his birthday party. After all, who wouldn’t want an R2-D2 birthday cake that actually projects holograms like the one Marc Freilich made for his son Alexander?

Whoever Wears This R2-D2 Bra Won't Enjoy The Interactive Features

If you’ve been looking for a DIY project that combines your love of Star Wars with your ignorance of fashion trends, why not turn some papier-mâché and a hacked R2-D2 toy into a light-up brassiere complete with artoo sound effects? The hardest part of the build, as demonstrated by the mannequin in this video, is finding someone who’s actually willing to wear it and fend off Star Wars fans wanting to give it a try.

Hacked R2-D2 Toy Now Almost Rivals Skywalker's On-Screen Companion

Securing his position as possibly one of the best boyfriends ever, a Chinese Star Wars fan hacked a broken R2-D2 toy for his girlfriend’s birthday, turning it into an autonomous companion that’s almost as awesome as the version seen in the movies.

Let's Hope Disney Can Save Star Wars Merchandise Too

The recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, and the announcement that more Star Wars films are in the works, has fans cautiously optimistic about the future of that galaxy far, far away. And while no one wants to get too excited, it might even mean merchandise like this lame R2-D2 pizza cutter might go the way of the Sith.

R2-D2 Now Stashes The Most Useful Weapon Of All: Booze

Like an intergalactic Swiss Army Knife, R2-D2 has an untold number of tools and accessories hidden away inside. But unless you’re piloting spacecraft through asteroid fields, battling Sith Lords or intimidating Ewoks, they’re all useless compared to what this R2-D2 skinned flask is stashing away.