Classification Amendment Will Change The Way Games Are Classified In Australia

An amendment to the classification act could see significant streamlining of the games classification process, as well as paving the way for mobile games to receive proper classification ratings.

Ban On R18+ Games Under Consideration In Western Australia

We can all agree that classification is a complex issue and despite an R18+ rating for video games getting the go-ahead early last year, its existence and application will continue to be discussed (and potentially legislated) for years to come. Western Australia is the latest state to reconsider the ramifications of the rating, with a recent report suggesting games classified as R18+ should be banned outright from sale in the state.

The Government Is Tinkering With Film Classification

In a bid to cut red tape, the government is having what it calls a “Repeal Day”. It’s about slashing obsolete legislation to save money and putting on a cute stunt which looks like stuff is being done quickly. The government is slowly revealing what’s going to be dumped next week on Repeal Day, and one of the laws being ditched relates to how films are classified.

Classification Board Upholds MA15+ Ratings After 'Wasteful' Review

Back in November, Attorney-General for South Australia, John Rau, called on the Classification Review Board to reassess how the ratings system was being applied to several high-profile video games on Australian shelves. It was criticised as a huge waste of money, but the Classification Board undertook the review anyway, and now the verdict on said games is in.

South Australia Under Pressure To Remove Stupid Gaming Billboards

Remember those South Australian anti-video gaming ads? We all know they’re stupid, and now they’ve rumbled Australia’s games industry lobby. So much so that the lobby group is now straight-up demanding that they be pulled down.

Why Is South Australia Still Demonising Video Games? [Updated]

You may have seen this ad floating around your social media channels this morning. Just take a second to read it, because if you’re an adult gamer, it will probably see you spit out your corn flakes. What you don’t know about the image is the broader campaign behind it, and the South Australian government appearing to say one thing while doing another, systematically demonising video games and those who play them.

Grand Theft Auto Officially Rated R18+ In Australia

Grand Theft Auto V won’t be banned in Australia! Oh joyous day!

The Classification Board Wants YOU To Help With Policy Research

Now that our slightly disappointing R18+ rating for video games is back on the agenda, the Classification Board is looking for people to help out in policy focus groups.

State Of Decay Refused Classification, Banned In Australia

I was surprised when it came out just 24 hours ago that Saints Row IV had been Refused Classification, but now for a double-dose of nostalgia we get to read it again! Microsoft’s State Of Decay has been officially Refused Classification by the Classification Board, effectively banning the game in Australia.

You Won't Believe Why Saints Row IV Was Banned In Australia

Never have I read an official government report that includes the words “alien anal probe”. That’s one of the reasons that Saints Row IV copped a ban from the Classification Board. Read on, if you dare.

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