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You Don't Have To Panic If This Submersible Drone Crashes In A Lake

YouTube is filled with videos of drone pilots desperately trying to get their quadcopters back to dry land before the battery dies and it plummets into a lake. One solution is to just not fly your expensive toy over water; the other is to design and build a drone that works just as well when submerged.

Giant Voltron Drone Lifts 61 Kilograms For A New World Record

Norway is now the home of a new record-setting superdrone called the Megakopter, which recently snagged a Guinness World Record for hoisting just shy of 61kg.

Safely Travel Deep Inside A Glacier Through The Eyes Of A Drone

Given the shifting ice can suddenly close a massive crevasse that runs hundreds of metres deep into a glacier, safely exploring them is all but impossible. Unless you’ve got access to a flying drone that isn’t sent flying out of control the second it hits an obstacle.

Watching Drones Fly Through This Glowing Neon Course Is Better Than Drugs

Video: If you weren’t aware that people were actually racing drones competitively, you’re in for a treat. Following CES, the XDC_2 Xtreme Drone Circuit Races were recently held in Las Vegas, and watching the first-person footage of the quadcopters navigating the glowing neon course is better than an acid trip.

A Scarecrow Is No Match For ThisĀ Bird-Stalking Drone

It’s annoying when a bird poops on your car, but large flocks of them can be a genuine problem in some areas. When a straw-stuffed scarecrow just isn’t keeping them at bay, a company called Bird-X wants you to consider upgrading to a scarecrow in the sky.

Air Hogs Connect Lets You Play Video Games By Piloting A Toy Drone In Real Life

To make the drone in Spin Master’s new Air Hogs Connect mobile game fly as realistically as possible, players pilot a real-life toy quadcopter while clever augmented reality tricks translate their maneuvers to the action and missions in the game.

They Somehow Squeezed A Streaming Camera Into This Tiny RC Drone

The Axis Aerius is considered to be the smallest RC quadcopter you can buy, even smaller than the company’s new Vidius drone. But that’s because Axis has managed to fit a live-streaming Wi-Fi video camera inside the new Vidius, giving pilots a first-person view of their flights.

The World's Smallest Camera Quadcopter

Don’t be fooled by the small package — the Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter is a lot of drone for around $65. It’s the little drone that could, packing a camera that surprisingly isn’t terrible, and capable of trick flying.

Don't Waste Money On A Leaf Blower Next Autumn, Buy A Drone Instead

Video: Trying to rake up an endless onslaught of falling leaves is a terrible way to spend a beautiful autumn day. So take some inspiration from Mike Schreurs and get a drone to do your dirty work for you.

A $20 Upgrade Lets You Create Autonomous Flight Plans For Parrot's Bebop Drone

Hot on the heels of Tesla revealing the new autonomous driving mode for its electric cars, Parrot has just announced a $US20 upgrade for its Bebop drone that lets amateur (and unskilled) pilots easily plot a course on a map that the craft will autonomously follow using GPS.

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