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There Are No Losers When A Drone Races A McLaren Supercar

Video: To help promote the upcoming World Drone Prix in Dubai next week, the organisers enlisted the help of the local police, who have a McLaren 650s in their garage, to go head-to-head against a high-speed racing drone. It doesn’t matter who won the race, though, because the Tron-like footage is just wonderful.

Air Hogs Tweaked The Helix To Be A Cheap Way To Get Into Drone Racing

It may not be televised on ESPN yet, but one day drone racing will undoubtedly be a popular spectator sport. And if you want to get in on the ground floor, Spin Master has come up with a cheap way for amateur pilots to get racing experience, without losing an expensive drone in the process.

You Don't Need Any Starfleet Training To Fly This Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone

With umpteen different Star Wars movies enroute, it’s understandable that Star Trek fans might be feeling a little left out. But 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the franchise, and to help celebrate Spin Master has turned its popular quadcopter drones into a flying version of the USS Enterprise.

This Transforming Imperial Shuttle Drone Looks Like An Actual Scene From Star Wars

Turning quadcopters into vehicles from the Star Wars universe isn’t new: Everything from TIE Fighters, to the Falcon, to even R2-D2 have taken flight. But none have been as convincing as Adam Woodworth’s Imperial Shuttle quadcopter with wings that actually retract.

Drone Racing Is Starting To Look More Exciting Than A Top Gun Dogfight

Video: Racing drones still isn’t considered as challenging as other vehicular sports given the pilots aren’t actually inside the vehicles they’re controlling. But watching the first-person footage of this drone absolutely tearing through a packed warehouse, you can’t argue there isn’t a ton of skill required.

One Day Droneboarding Could Be An Exciting Sport, But Not Today

Video: It’s entirely plausible that one day extreme athletes will be blasting across a snow-covered field on a snowboard, powered not by the pull of gravity, but by a flying drone pulling them along. However, as this video of the world’s first droneboarder reveals, that day is still a long ways off.

You Don't Have To Panic If This Submersible Drone Crashes In A Lake

YouTube is filled with videos of drone pilots desperately trying to get their quadcopters back to dry land before the battery dies and it plummets into a lake. One solution is to just not fly your expensive toy over water; the other is to design and build a drone that works just as well when submerged.

Giant Voltron Drone Lifts 61 Kilograms For A New World Record

Norway is now the home of a new record-setting superdrone called the Megakopter, which recently snagged a Guinness World Record for hoisting just shy of 61kg.

Safely Travel Deep Inside A Glacier Through The Eyes Of A Drone

Given the shifting ice can suddenly close a massive crevasse that runs hundreds of metres deep into a glacier, safely exploring them is all but impossible. Unless you’ve got access to a flying drone that isn’t sent flying out of control the second it hits an obstacle.

Watching Drones Fly Through This Glowing Neon Course Is Better Than Drugs

Video: If you weren’t aware that people were actually racing drones competitively, you’re in for a treat. Following CES, the XDC_2 Xtreme Drone Circuit Races were recently held in Las Vegas, and watching the first-person footage of the quadcopters navigating the glowing neon course is better than an acid trip.

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