Turn Your Quadcopter Into The Best Halloween Decoration Ever

Once you realise how boring your neighbourhood is from the air, that expensive quadcopter you bought should find a good home in the rafters of your garage. But don’t bury it too deep, you’ll need access to it around Halloween every year because Alton Porter has come up with the perfect use for your forgotten drone: turn it into a flying banshee.

A Drone's-Eye View Of The NSW Fires [Updated]

Fires continue to burn out of control all over New South Wales, and as exhausted crews battle to get the blazes under control, helicopters attack the front from the air. One RFS volunteer decided to get a better look at the blaze and the following devastation with a drone-mounted camera.

This Hybrid Quadcopter Drone Can Take Off And Land Vertically

Quadcopters offer extreme precision and control in flight, not to mention the ability to take off and land vertically. But compared to the traditional plane design used for most drones, their speed and long range capabilities are limited. So an Arizona-based drone builder called Latitude Engineering hopes to capture the best of both worlds with a quadcopter and drone hybrid that doesn’t need a runway but can fly long distance missions.

Dead Ostrich Takes Flight As A Cyborg Quadcopter Monstrosity

If you thought things couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous than the catcopter, you were woefully gloriously wrong. Now, the same disturbed minds that brought you flying cats have an all-new monster. Enter the OstrichCopter.

This Quadcopter Video Of Niagara Is Way Better Than A Tightrope

This gorgeous video shot from a remote-control helicopter hovering over Niagara Falls lets you (nearly) feel the cool, refreshing spray. YouTuber questpact rigged a GoPro Hero3 to his DJI Phantom quadcopter to get this shot, his entry in DJI’s Phantom Video Contest.

Turn Anything Into A Quadcopter Drone With This Awesome Kit

Fancy turning your keyboard into a remote-controlled drone? What about a boogie board you have kicking around the garage? With this awesome snap-on kit, you can turn anything into a quadcopter.

Every Secret Agent Wannabe Needs A Quadcopter Belt Of Death

You could probably argue there are worse offenders, but there’s no denying that James Bond’s Thunderball jetpack is definitely up there in the pantheon of ridiculous 00-gadgets. Tinkerer Rodger Cleye recently tried to put a more realistic spin on the concept, and the result is this still-ridiculous-but-fully-functioning quadcopter “belt”.

But Will This Quadcopter Restaurant Waiter Remember Your Nut Allergy?

Sushi restaurants have always seemed to be on the cutting edge of food delivery technology. First it was conveyor belts parading an endless array of dishes past your table, and now YO! Sushi, a restaurant chain in the UK, is introducing a pair of quadcopter waiters to deliver patrons’ food.

This Is The Zippiest Quadcopter I Have Ever Seen

Quadcopters are cool. No question, but this is the fastest one I think I have seen to date. The best part is that it’s just as cute as it is fast.

Dare To Dip And Dive With This Duo Of Damn Durable Drones

There are plenty of quadcopters out there that you can buy if you want, but they tend to have one or more of the following downsides: they are expensive, fragile, difficult to fly. Just one can be a bummer, any pair is twice the drag, and all three just all out sucks. The pair of Arial tricksters Air Hogs rolled out for Toy Fair 2013 soar above those troubles.