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The World's Smallest Camera Quadcopter

Don’t be fooled by the small package — the Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter is a lot of drone for around $65. It’s the little drone that could, packing a camera that surprisingly isn’t terrible, and capable of trick flying.

Don't Waste Money On A Leaf Blower Next Autumn, Buy A Drone Instead

Video: Trying to rake up an endless onslaught of falling leaves is a terrible way to spend a beautiful autumn day. So take some inspiration from Mike Schreurs and get a drone to do your dirty work for you.

A $20 Upgrade Lets You Create Autonomous Flight Plans For Parrot's Bebop Drone

Hot on the heels of Tesla revealing the new autonomous driving mode for its electric cars, Parrot has just announced a $US20 upgrade for its Bebop drone that lets amateur (and unskilled) pilots easily plot a course on a map that the craft will autonomously follow using GPS.

California Smacks Down Bill That Would Have Limited Private Drone Flights

This week marked a win for fans of unmanned aerial vehicles: California governor Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 142, which would have outlawed drone flights below 350 feet over private property.

You Can Finally Pilot Your Own Flying Millennium Falcon And X-Wing

We’ve brought you lots of custom-built X-Wing and Millennium Falcon drones, but for those of who don’t know the difference between a servo and a Dremel, these new flying toys from Air Hogs will let you easily fly a couple of classic Star Wars spaceships.

This Drone Goes From Canister To Aerial Selfie In 20 Seconds Flat

What if you could pull a giant Pringles can out of your backpack, and turn it into an incredibly safe, easy to fly camera drone in practically no time at all? I just described the Fotokite Phi — one of the coolest quadcopters I’ve ever tried.

Drone Pilot Discovers Crazy Dude Sunbathing Atop A Towering Wind Turbine

You’d assume that climbing to the top of a 60m tall wind turbine would give you all the privacy you could ever want for a relaxing afternoon nap. But then you remember that soon there will be more drones zipping across the skies than birds — and that privacy might officially be a thing of the past.

A Giant Flying Eye Will Only Reinforce Fears About Spying Drones

Otto Dieffenbach, the same master drone builder behind that flying R2-D2, is back with a simpler creation that’s sure to strike fear into anyone worried about their privacy: a giant two-feet wide eyeball that can be piloted to peer into any window.

Even Australian Eagles Hate Drones

It’s not just fishermen or emergency responders who hate having drones annoyingly buzzing overhead. Apparently the Australian wedge-tailed eagle isn’t a fan of camera-equipped quadcopters either, and this one makes short work of one invading its territory. But don’t worry, while the drone took a nasty tumble, the eagle was unharmed.

With A Drone Inside, R2-D2 Can Finally Fly Like A Bird

Master drone builder Otto Dieffenbach is back with what is probably his most amazing flying creation to date. Unlike the flying R2-D2 we saw in the Star Wars prequels, this version of Artoo is able to take to the skies without a pair of pop-out rocket boosters — just a quadcopter cleverly hidden inside.

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