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Question Of The Day: How Many Of Your Facebook Friends Do You Actually Know?

You log into Facebook and you have a birthday reminder for one of your “friends”. The name doesn’t ring a bell and the profile picture isn’t helpful. Someone you knew in high school who got married, maybe? You have no idea.

What's The Oldest Picture On Your Computer?

Remember when JPGs took multiple seconds to download? When your digital camera served up horrid pixel slop? When you actually scanned things? That was mental millennia ago, but there are probably traces sitting on your hard drive. What’s the oldest?

What's The Greatest Hacker Movie Ever? [Poll]

Hacker movies are a beloved subset of geek cinema. They’re often embarrassing, with absurd references to modems, people wrestling over floppies, and lots of fake screen interfaces. Melting icons. That sort of thing. But which is the best of all?

All You Want For Christmas Is?

Within the hour, a good chunk of you will be finishing work for the rest of the year, relaxing to enjoy a nice Christmas with the family. And given Christmas is a time of giving, it’s likely a few of you will be all set to receive some pretty awesome gadgets and gizmos this weekend as well. We want to know what you’re hoping to get.

Does A Waterproof Tablet Make Any Sense At All?

When we first saw Fujitsu’s Arrows Tab F-01D, we were nonplussed. The guts are completely standard, but it’s waterproof! You know we’re totally wet for waterproof phones (for good reason!), but tablets? Hmm. Does the world need this? Do you?

What Will Happen To Apple Without Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs has abruptly quit as Apple’s chief. It’s hard to imagine a man more synonymous with the company he created and ran, and his savvy and futuristic genius are undeniable. So what happens to Apple now?

Do You Use The Gmail Web App On Your iPhone?

High resolution icons and the pull down to refresh feature are finally coming to the Gmail web app on the iPhone. Awesome! But, uh, will anyone notice? I mean, does anyone even use the Gmail web app?

How Many Of Your Facebook Friends Know Your Actual Birthday?

Outside of my immediate family, I have no idea when anyone’s birthday is without the aid of Facebook. And you probably don’t either. David Plotz at Slate wanted to see what would happen if he celebrated three birthdays in July.

Is Password Sharing The New Joint Bank Account?

I’m not an especially depraved individual, but there are definitely things on my hard drive that I wouldn’t want my girlfriend catching wind of. Most of us are like that, I assume. So I was kind of amazed listening to Slate discuss an emerging standard of password sharing among couples.

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