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The Next-Gen Tech That'll Improve Your Laptop And Smartphone Battery

We all want our favourite devices to go longer between charges, but so far improvements have been incremental at best. Chin up though — here are 8 coming advancements that will ease life battery woes.

Wireless Charging Standards Just Got Slightly Less Confusing, Still Suck

While regular people have spent the last five years wondering what’s wrong with cables, the nascent wireless charging industry has been battling over standards. Thanks to a recent industry shakeup, there are now only two different types of wireless charging for everyone to ignore.

Qualcomm's Wireless Charging Just Got Better

Rezence, Qualcomm’s horse in the wireless charging standards war, just got a neat upgrade: it will now work in phones with metal backs.

Qualcomm Has Removed A Major Disadvantage To Wireless Charging

For many, wireless charging is a must have feature on a new phone. But one major downside is that it doesn’t work with metal clad devices, such as the iPhone 6 or HTC One M9. Until now.

A Monitor With Built-In Wireless Charging Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

In the ‘interesting new technology’ stakes, new PC monitors normally rank just above updated versions of power strips. But when a monitor includes a built-in Qi wireless charging pad? Now we’re talking.

IKEA Wireless Charging Review: Almost Like Having Magic Furniture

Cheap and easy wireless charging sounds like Nikola Tesla’s fantasy brought to life. It’s downright futuristic to think your smartphone could suck up juice just by placing it near a power source. And that’s exactly what IKEA wants to do with its new wireless charging devices. Yes, that IKEA — the Swedish furniture empire.

IKEA Is Now Putting Wireless Charging In Your Furniture

Charging cables? Who needs ’em. Smartphone makers have been clamouring for ways to ditch those tangled microUSB nuisances — and now the world’s largest furniture retailer is joining the fight.

Adaptive Resonance Tech Could Make Wireless Charging Less Finicky

Even though the companies involved have finally come together in a consortium and finalised a standard, wireless charging is still struggling to gain acceptance. But a new technology called adaptive resonance from Fulton Innovation promises to bridge the gaps between devices and make wireless charging pads less difficult to use.

Culturemodo: Was QI Live Worth A Small Fortune?

Yes, tickets for the live version of perennial TV quiz favourite QI were hideously expensive. But I was more than happy to see the show in Melbourne, and not just because Stephen Fry and Alan Davies tripped down under to do it. Here are five other reasons.

Stephen Fry's QI Quiz Show Live In Australia: $200 Per Ticket!?

Welcome to QI, the show that rhymes with bleed your pocket dry. But if you’re a total trivia geek (guilty as charged), and rich (not so much) then you’ll be pleased to hear that Fry, Alan Davies, and special local guests are headed to Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. No word on Sydney or if ABC will pick up broadcast rights. [Ticketek]

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