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This Powerless Pump Appears To Defy Gravity

Moving water from one position to another, higher one usually requires power — be that your arms to carry it or a motor to drive a pump. But this device can actually move liquid uphill without any external energy source.

Doctors Could 3D-Print Their Own Tools For A Fraction Of The Cost

The cost of the instruments needed to run a hospital or a lab is often exorbitant — but what if doctors and scientists could simply print their own tools from an open library of designs? That’s what a paper published today suggests.

A Glowing Pump That Lets Drivers Know You're Doing Roadside Repairs

There’s a reason that Topeak’s MiniRocket iGlow bike bump won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award: the transparent barrel encases a internal optical fibre that turns a small red LED into a brilliantly visible glowing safety strip. And at just 67g, it adds minimal weight to your bike’s frame, so it’s easy to always keep on hand.

Why Diet When You Can Pump Junk Food Out Of Your Stomach?

Losing weight is tough. You have to eat healthier, start exercising and just stop being such a lazy, horrible slob. Unless you get a pump that literally sucks food out of your stomach and replaces it with water after the fact. Talk about enabling.

NASA's Finger-Sized Pump Cools Tiny Spaces

This little pump will be sent off on a rocket mission in June to test whether it can survive the vibration of being blasted off, and if it’s well equipped to cool down ducts.

World's Largest Water Pump Moves 15 Swimming Pools Per Minute

The Mississippi River has been pretty pissed off lately. And it’s because of natural disasters like this that they’re building the world’s largest water pump in New Orleans.


Nothing says “asshole” quite like this parasitic bike “emergency pump” from Instructables user Aleksi. Need some air? The local public parking lot is your oyster. [Lifehacker’s Evil Week via Inhabitat via MAKE via Boing Boing]

Hurricane Disasters To Be Avoided With Bill Gates' Ocean Pumps

Bill Gates, since leaving the helm of Microsoft, has been busy ploughing his money into well-deserved environmental issues such as the artificial clouds project, and ocean pumps which could (almost) halt hurricanes in their tracks.

Absurdly Simple Ocean Pumps Could Thwart Hurricanes

In yet more research funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, Stanford University’s Ken Caldeira explores a mechanically simple ocean pump that could significantly diminish the power of a hurricane.

Breast Pumps Are The Vital Ingredient In Drink Mixing Robot

Not content in just making a drink-pouring robot, the guys at Evil Mad Scientist wanted to make a drink-mixing robot. You know, so they can charge more.

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