A Re-Introduced Bill In The US May Unlock Published Scientific Knowledge For All

Promising public access legislation FASTR (Fair Access to Science & Technology Research Act) has been re-introduced by a bipartisan coalition in Congress. Lawmakers now have an important opportunity to strengthen and expand rules that allow taxpayers to freely read articles resulting from research their tax dollars support. EFF continues to encourage legislators to pass this bill as an important step forward — though there are still some measures to improve.

Amazon Pulls Werewolf Novel Sequel For Surprisingly Non-Werewolf Reasons

Amazon is no stranger to independent publishing drama. But when it pulled books in the past, it at least purported to have some sort of legitimate reason. In the case of High Moor 2: Moonstruck (the story of one werewolf gang’s quest to keep its existence hidden and the extreme lengths to which it goes to protect its deadly secret) that reason appears to be… hyphens.

Report: Simon & Schuster And Amazon Just Made Nice

Amazon and publishing house Simon & Schuster have reached a multi-year deal, sources told Business Insider. This means the tides could be turning in favour of Amazon in its battle against publishers. And that means you’ll likely see cheaper Simon & Schuster books on Amazon soon, although whether or not that will be good for the publishing industry is still up for debate.

Clip And Share Content Anywhere With Issuu's New iOS 8 App

Issuu has announced the release of its newly revamped digital print publishing platform, now optimised to take full advantage of iOS 8’s newest features. And, from the looks of the new app, Flipboard is about to get a run for its money.

Gorgeous New Posters From An Abandoned Printing Press In London

How neat is this? The folks at Faber & Faber, an independent publishing house in London since 1929, recently found a forgotten hand press in their archives. As it turns out, the half-century-old machine was used by the firm’s most famous designer, Berthold Wolpe: they’ve since refurbished the relic, which is going to be back in action producing limited edition broadsides and paper goodness for a brand new imprint.

Peter Higgs Says He Would Never Make It In Science Today

Peter Higgs, who proposed the existence of what would be dubbed the Higgs Boson, says that he wouldn’t cut it if he were entering academic science today. Keep in mind that this dude won a Nobel Prize for physics a few months ago.

An Algorithmic Newspaper Published For Just One Cafe

Perhaps the future of newspapers is all about local distribution — very local distribution, as in a whole newspaper printed for just one coffeeshop in London. The Newspaper Club has teamed up with The Guardian to launch what they call an “algorithmic newspaper”, published only for one location, its content mathematically harvested according to level of interest from the Guardian‘s weekly coverage. How does that work, exactly?

Google Wins Right To Keep Scanning Millions Of Books For Free

Nearly a decade after it started, the lawsuit between the Authors’ Guild and Google over its book-scanning program has been thrown out. This means that Google can keep digitising millions of books for free distribution, and that fair use is in the public’s best interest.

Amazon's Bundling Conde Nast Print And Digital Subscriptions For Cheap

Internet juggernaut Amazon and print media juggernaut Conde Nast are debuting one-click print and web subscriptions to some of Conde Nast’s most popular magazines today. Buy a print subscription through Amazon All Access, and you’ll get immediate access to the web version, with six-month print plus digital trial subscriptions starting at three bucks.

US Army Blocks Staff Access To The Guardian Website

After getting upset about the fact that The Guardian has been breaking news and leaking classified documents about the many and varied spying programs of the NSA, the US Army has decided to block access to the news site among its employees.