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Psystar Case Finally Closes. Wait… Psystar Was Still Running?

Remember Psystar? Offered significantly cheaper but legally unsound Mac clones a few years back, and then backed it up by taking Apple on in the legal arena? That was never going to end well, but what’s surprising is that it’s only just ended.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Apple Defence

Microsoft and Apple, already strange bedfellows if we’re to believe Apple’s seriously considering Bing over Google on future iPhones, are at it again, albeit indirectly. This time it’s Microsoft’s turn, as they present counterarguments in an Xbox 360 antitrust case.

There Is NO QUIT In Psystar (But There Should Be)

Psystar, insane and actively prosecuted manufacturer of Mac clones and the occasional t-shirt, has filed an appeal of an injunction won by Apple exactly one month ago.

Psystar Sells T-Shirts Now, Seriously, T-Shirts

Remember Psystar, the hackintosh company that stood up to Apple (and lost)? While they can’t sell you a PC running OS X anymore, they will sell you this $US15 t-shirt. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Psystar Refuses To Die

I feel like a broken record writing about these guys week after week, but they just won’t go away. Even after this week’s ruling that Psystar must cease operations, their attorney is saying the company will be back.

Apple-Nemesis Psystar Permanently Banned From Selling Mac Clones

I feared that the Apple vs Psystar battle would fizzle out, but it’s ending with a strong punch as Apple Insider reports that Apple has been granted a permanent injunction against Psystar, marking the end of shady Mac clones.

Psystar And Apple Reach Partial Settlement

There are no details to be had yet, but apparently Psystar has filed paperwork with a San Francisco court revealing that the company has reached a “partial settlement” with Apple. More details should go public later today. [AppleInsider]

Psystar Is Crazy In Every Way

Psystar’s recent legal woes keep proving the company’s insanity. New documents show that these guys planned to sell at least 1.45 million Mac clones by 2011. How many did they actually sell in the past year? 768.

Psystar Is Royally Screwed

Yet another bad day for Psystar. After both Apple and the shady hackintosh company filed for summary judgments, the rulings are out, and Psystar is looking pretty screwed.

Surprise! Psystar's Rebel EFI Software And Customer Service Shady

Psystar’s Rebel EFI software promises that you can install OS X on any PC with a Core 2 Duo, Quad, i7 or Xeon Nehalem processor for $US50, but we are discovering that you will probably end up getting screwed royally.

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