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Apple Settles iPad Name Dispute With $60m

Apple has been battling a long legal dispute in China for months with a company who claimed ownership of the iPad name. During the course of proceedings iPads were pulled from Chinese shelves and even global sales were threatened — but now, Apple has ponied up a $US60 million settlement.

This Is How Apple Swindled The iPad Trademark

Proview — the owners of the iPad trademark in China — is suing Apple in California for “fraud by intentional misrepresentation, fraud by concealment, fraudulent inducement and unfair competition”. Are they right? This is how Apple tricked them. You be the judge:

Apple May Have To Stop Selling The iPad In China

After losing a trademark lawsuit last year against a Chinese company, Apple may have to pay a fine and stop selling and marketing the iPad in China. An ironic outcome, if it finally goes through.

Apple Could Face Lawsuit Over 'iPad' Name

A Taiwanese monitor manufacturer is threatening to sue Apple for $US1.5 billion for the “iPad” name, claiming they registered “I-Pad” in 2000 for a tablet which failed to launch. Fujitsu tried (and failed), but Proview wants a stab too.

Proview All-in-One PC is iMac-esque, with Pen-Writing Screen

Several all-in-one desktop PCs seem to have taken design inspiration from the iMac recently, but Proview’s upcoming VD1-26W has the added feature of a pen-sensitive screen for freehand writing, drawing and, presumably, mousing. It’s no HP Touchsmart, but is pretty slimline, with connections and ports pushed into a small box on its rear, and has a 26-inch screen with 1000:1 contrast and glass protective shield. There’s little more info, other than it does both VGA signal input and output and has its own wireless pen, so you’ll have to watch this space for both price and availability. [Aving]

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