The Genesis Concept Car Gives A Peek At The Sweeping, Sci-fi Future Of Car Design

This is apparently the future of car design. It’s a future where cars are printed by massive industrial machines in a single piece, with hollow construction used to save weight and space and materials wherever possible. We won’t see 3D printing technology at this scale for quite a while, but at least someone is thinking ahead.

Sony's Early Morpheus Prototype Looked Pretty Dumb

Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset looks fantastic but the early prototypes… not so much. This early version of the headset may have offered plenty of the requisite VR headset features, but it did also feature three Sony Move controllers strapped to it, seemingly at random.

You Could Build This Metal 3D Printer For $1500

One of the limitations of 3D printing is in the materials — plastic might be the most affordable and widely available, but it’s also cheap and brittle. So some students at Michigan Tech University have made a relatively cheap metal 3D printer, and they’re releasing the plans to the masses.

This Hybrid Quadcopter Drone Can Take Off And Land Vertically

Quadcopters offer extreme precision and control in flight, not to mention the ability to take off and land vertically. But compared to the traditional plane design used for most drones, their speed and long range capabilities are limited. So an Arizona-based drone builder called Latitude Engineering hopes to capture the best of both worlds with a quadcopter and drone hybrid that doesn’t need a runway but can fly long distance missions.

A Cheap Jet Ski Alternative That Runs On Sunlight

As fun as they may be, personal watercraft like jet skis and powerboats drink fuel like there’s no tomorrow. They’re fun toys for those with plenty of disposal income, but British designer Ross Kemp wants to make them more universal with his ASAP. It’s a cheap electric alternative to jet skis and powered surfboards that charges via the sun so you won’t need to keep filling a petrol tank every weekend.

A Handheld 3D Scanner Could Let You Upload Your Whole World

3D printing is more popular and accessible than ever, and printers are on course to get even cheaper soon. But printing is only one side of the equation; what about taking 3D pictures? There’s a convenient, handheld gadget in the works that could do just that, and way cheaper than anything else has before.

Interactive Ruler Shows How OLEDs Will Make Mundane Objects Smarter

We’ve heard a lot about how OLEDs are poised to change everything from televisions to smartphones. But a group of researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group are applying OLEDs too more mundane objects, too — like plain old rulers. And the results are surprisingly cool.

Apple's Come A Long Way Since This Original MacBook Reference Design

At first glance it doesn’t look like much, but this thing is a reference design of the first 13-inch MacBook. Remember those from 2006?

The Idiotic Things Google Was Going To Make You Say To Use Google Glass

Although wearing Google Glass makes you look like a futuristic cross-eyed cyborg to the entire world, controlling Glass is a lot more natural and conversational than you’d expect. A few swipes and a couple of “OK Glass” to get started. But do you know what Google was thinking about making you say before it settled on “OK Glass”? Boy, it would have been ridiculous. Like pew pew pew ridiculous.

The PS4's Controllers Almost Had Basically A Built-In Lie Detector

During the development of the PlayStation 4′s DualShock 4 controller, Sony tested a version of a controller that included biofeedback sensors to detect how stressed the player was, based on how much his or her hand was sweating. That’s right; the same technology that’s used in polygraphs could have been an integral part of the PS4.