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I Played Minecraft With Microsoft's HoloLens, And It Was Pretty Awesome

When Microsoft said you’d be able to make Minecraft worlds appear in your living room with its new HoloLens headset, perhaps you squealed in glee. Or perhaps you wrote it off as smoke and mirrors — not reality. Guess what? I just played it. Everything you saw on stage is real.

This Tri-Fold Smartphone Could Be The Near-Future Of Foldable Tech

Folding technology is long-promised but slow to arrive. But his kind of tri-fold hardware might just be the how the sci-fi dream pans out over the next few years.

This Is What The First Windows RT Tablet Prototype Looked Like

Apple versus Samsung has given us so many gifts when it comes to what the first generations of iPads really looked like, and now Microsoft has got in on the fun, showing off what the very first Windows RT tablet looked like. Hint: it was awful.

Julie: A Windows Phone 7 Handset That Never Was

Prototypes come and prototypes go — and some, like yesterday’s WALT prototype, get put up on eBay for silly money. Then they vanish again. That appears to have been the fate of a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 prototype that appeared briefly on eBay yesterday as well.

The Samsung Cube Camera, Too Bizarre To Exist

A recent interview with Samsung’s camera division yielded some interesting bits about their lenses—but the real star was this photo of lost prototypes. The model with the three vintage-y dials is gorgeous. But the cube? Uhh. Uhhh.

Bendable Graphene Batteries Take A Page From Gumby

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) may be on the cusp of creating something special: Bendable batteries that could have better performance than their stiff, inflexible cousins.

A Failed Prototype: The Hamster Ball Spacesuit

Space suits are insanely cool. Except this one. This prototype hamster ball suit was designed by engineers at John Hopkins and actually presented to NASA in 1964. The engineers claimed astronauts would be more mobile with this thing on.

Prototype Toothpaste Changes Flavours According To The Weather

The toothpaste industry is in need of a shakeup! Whitening strips isn’t enough. MIT’s Media Lab has developed a prototype toothpaste that spits out different flavours according to the weather and temperature outside.

Autonomous "Raider" Combat Vehicle Takes Design Cues From The Batmobile

Those cheeky gents across the pond are taking design elements from the current incarnation of Batman and putting them into an autonomous assault vehicle called the Tumbler. Sorry, the Raider. You understand why there’s confusion—they look very similar!

Researchers Develop Incredibly Efficient Air Conditioning Tech

My current apartment lacks air conditioning of any kind. Good for the environment and the utility bill, but bad for me and my restless sleep. News today of some crazy 90% more efficient AC has made me feel worse.

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