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This Video Of Protestors Trashing Uber Cars Makes Me Feel Bad For Uber 

I don’t like Uber. It’s an apparently evil company that overcharges people and eschews accountability as often as possible. However, seeing an angry mob of cabbies descend upon and destroy a number of Uber cars in Mexico City actually made me feel bad for Uber drivers.

First-Ever Hologram Protest Takes To The Streets In Spain

Following in the illuminated footsteps of noted iconoclast Tupac Shakur, a protest group in Spain took to the streets on Sunday — in hologram form. To the best of our knowledge it’s the first hologram political demonstration ever.

Police In India Will Use Weaponised Pepper Spray Drones On Protesters 

Indian police recently purchased five drones so they could dump pepper spray on protesters during political demonstrations. The police force in Lucknow, India (population two million) is prepping the drones to start releasing pepper spray as a form of crowd control, starting next month.

Instragram Blackout Continues During Protests In Hong Kong

China is continuing its disturbing trend of social media crackdowns as pro-democracy protests flair in Hong Kong. Websites such as Blocked In China, which monitor the government’s censorship of online services, confirm that the blackout spreads across the country.

Spectacular Photos Of Fireworks Weaponry From The Ukraine Protests

Protests against new anti-democratic laws in Ukraine are increasing in intensity, with four citizens reported dead. As you can see in these extraordinary images by Ilya Varlamov, the demonstrators are using rockets made with fireworks. They look like scenes from some science-fiction movie about urban warfare.

Hackers Hit Google Palestine And Deface The Front Page

A team of hackers successfully broke into Google Palestine on Monday, covering the home page with protest literature. “Uncle google,” wrote Cold z3ro, Haml3t, Sas and [email protected], “we say hi from palestine to remember you that the country in google map not called israel. its called Palestine.”

Helicopter Pilot Learns Not To Mess With Protestors And Their Lasers

The protests in Cairo are now entering their fifth week, and the crowd shows no sign of departing any time soon. Protestors are now “attacking” police helicopters with laser pointers, and despite the danger-factor, it’s actually really beautiful to watch.

Watch Police Shoot Down A Drone Flying Over Istanbul

The tension in Turkey is quickly approaching its breaking point as thousands of protesters gear up for a third week occupying Istanbul’s Gezi Park. This being the modern age, where computers fit in our pockets and everybody’s a potential terrorist, some locals decided to take their little camera-enabled, radio-controlled quadcopter for a spin. This, again, being the modern age, police promptly shot it down. And yes, a drone was harmed in the making of this movie.

Anonymous Wants DDoS Recognised As An Official Form Of Protest

The Anonymous hacking collective has petitioned the White House, using the US government’s open forum to ask for DDoS attacks to be registered as an official form of complaint — and requesting the convictions of previous DDoS attackers be wiped from their records.

Is It Immoral To Own An iPhone 5?

So many things are made in China: DVD players, handbags, adorable shoes, kitchen gadgets, watches, t-shirts, laptops and more. Some of them are made in happy, shiny factories. Some are born out of deplorable labour conditions that ruin and cost lives. We usually don’t know which is which.

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