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Behind The Velvet Rope: Inside Samsung's VIP 'White Glove' Service

Product placement is worth its weight in gold these days, but almost every show is filled to the brim with Apple phones, laptops and tablets. So how is Cupertino’s biggest rival, Samsung, meant to compete and get its products into the hands of influencers? Welcome to Samsung White Glove: the VIP program you’ll want to be in.

Miniature RC Mini Coopers Will Retrieve Javelins At The Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games might be best remembered for being one of the most over-sponsored games ever. But product placement can occasionally be awesome, like these 1:4 scale remote-controlled Mini Coopers that will be used to retrieve hammers, shots, discuses and javelins when the track and field events get under way.

Product Placement Goes Back In Time

It’s bad enough that every current television show and movie shoves brand names in your face. Now, networks are digitally inserting new products into old television shows.

Apple Placed Its Products In A Third Of Last Year's Box Office Hits

We’ve seen plenty of posts rounding up screenshots of weird Apple product placements in movies, so it should come as no surprise that Brandchannel, the website of global brand consultancy Interbrand, deemed Apple as the brand with the most total product placements in movies last year.

Does Carrie Give Up Her Mac For A HP Netbook In SATC2?

In today’s news-you-wish-you-didn’t-know, there’s a vicious rumour circulating that Carrie Bradshaw swaps her MacBook for a HP netbook. Albeit one designed by fashion designer Vivienne Tam. Gasp! Phone the girls! We have a MAJOR situation on our hands!

Is Product Placement Better When It's About Gadgets?

Alan Wake (fantastically entertaining game) is one of the more conspicuous about in-game advertising. Hell, they even work products into the gameplay itself. Penny Arcade’s take on this is only slightly exaggerated, if you can believe it.

30 Rock's Emphatically Branded Windows Computer Is Confusing

On this week’s 30 Rock, we found out Jack’s (or Jack’s designer’s) choice of computer, and it’s a weird one: It’s a prop model of a computer that doesn’t exist, yet it’s forcefully branded with the Windows logo.

iPhone's Cheesy CSI Cameo Requires Serious Suspension Of Disbelief

Sorry AT&T. I know CSI never lets plausibility get in the way of a good story, but watching them crawl through an underground tunnel and exclaim the iPhone has “outstanding reception”, made last night’s episode harder to believe than usual.

MacGruber Shills for Pepsi, Changes Name to 'Pepsuber'

MacGruber, the gadget-heavy SNL sketch that always ends with an explosion, was heavy on something else last night: Product placement. And not even a cameo by Richard Dean Anderson—MacGyver himself—could save these three commercials.

A Lesson in Gadget Product Placement, Courtesy of Scooter Smiff

Moderately musical little person Scooter Smiff has helpfully demonstrated, point by point, how not to endorse gadgets in your music video.

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