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An Ultrafast Light-Based Processor Has Been Created

US university researchers have successfully created a single-chip microprocessor that can use light instead of electricity to transmit data. This is a huge step towards creating superfast and low-powered computers for hardcore data crunching.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 Is 2014's Must-Have Mobile Chipset

The Snapdragon 800 has had a good run, powering some (bordering on all) of the Android flagship models for the last year. Now, there’s an upgrade. Larger camera sensor support, Ultra HD video capture and a headline maximum clockspeed increase to 2.45GHz are the next-phone boasts of the Snapdragon 801.

iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon

We’ve already seen inside the iPhone 5s and found out that its guts are blisteringly fast. But now iFixit has taken a very close look indeed at the A7 silicon that powers the new phone.

Intel Makes Processor Powered By Wine

The Intel Developer Forum is coming to an end, meaning its execs get to go wild and show some of the oddball concepts under way at the tech giant. These include a processor so efficient it can pull all the energy it needs to run from a glass of red wine.

Australia Won't Get The Octa-Core Samsung Galaxy S4

Bad news, speed demons: Australia isn’t getting the octa-core processor in the local version of the Galaxy S4. We’ll be saddled with the quad-core version instead.

Motorola's 2GHz Intel Monster Phone Won't Come To Australia

Set faces to disappointed. Motorola’s new RAZRi — the insane Intel-powered smartphone with a processor that clocks in at 2Ghz — will not be coming to Australia. Ever. Here’s why.

Intel: Windows 8 On ARM Is An Uphill Fight

Windows 8 is stirring up a fair deal of controversy for Microsoft. Now, Intel has come out as saying that it thinks that running the new OS on ARM hardware is going to prove difficult.

New iPad's 1GB RAM, 1GHz CPU Likely Confirmed

Though it was almost certainly going to be the case, a leaked benchmark has confirmed what we expected: the new iPad comes with 1GB of RAM, but the clock speed of its CPU stays at 1GHz.

IBM's Holey Optochip Pumps 1 Trillion Bits A Second

IBM Researchers have built an optical chip that can transfer more data per second than pretty much anything else on the planet.

Intel Confirms That Ivy Bridge Is Definitely Delayed

There have been suggestions floating around that Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors would arrive later than anticipated on the market. Now, those rumours have been confirmed as true by a senior Intel employee, so we won’t see the processors in April as previously expected.

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