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IKEA Promises Peaceful Meals By Adding Smartphone Pockets To Placemats

IKEA just revealed all of the new creations that will be added to its upcoming 2016 catalogue. But if there’s one item that promises to genuinely make your home life better, it’s this placemat featuring a dedicated pocket for stashing a smartphone during dinner.

Google Maps Timeline Lets You Stalk Yourself

Google has a serial-killer-grade stash of knowledge about its users. This is not news, but to really ram the point home, Google is releasing a tool that lets you go back through history, and retroactively follow your every move.

Apple Might Start Showing People Ads Based On Their Bank Balances

Just when you thought Apple wasn’t integrated into your life enough, the company just won a patent for a system that targets ads based on how much money people have. This is the same Apple that’s promised not to monetise your data. As Tim Cook said last year: “You’re not our product.” Until you are, apparently.

Google Accidentally Released Details Of Right To Be Forgotten Requests

A year has passed since the EU ruled that people have the “right to be forgotten” online, and Google has been busy removing links when people ask it to. But now it’s accidentally revealed details about the requests — and it turns out the truth is less salacious than you may have hoped for.

Download The Dataset Of Every Publicly Available Reddit Comment

Redditor “Stuck_in_the_Matrix” has posted a torrent of what he claims is a dataset of every publicly available comment on Reddit.

FBI Practically Begs For 'Front Door' Access To Encrypted Data

FBI Director James Comey has some advice for the tech companies and great people of America: Work harder at coming up with custom encryption solutions for law enforcement, or the terrorists win.

Hacking Team's Lame Excuse For Selling Digital Weapons To Sudan

Hacking Team, the company now equally known for selling intrusive spyware to governments and getting royally hacked, has words for people who disagree with its habit of peddling powerful cyberweapons to regimes with terrible human rights records: What’s a “repressive” regime, anyway?

UK PM David Cameron Wants To Ban Encryption In Britain

David Cameron has signalled that he intends to ban strong encryption — putting the British government on a collision course with some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

The Best Phones For The Privacy-Obsessed

With governments looking to wrap their hands tighter around your personal data, getting a phone that can keep your information safe is paramount. Here are our top picks for super-private devices.

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