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Extortionists Are After The Ashley Madison Users And They Want Bitcoin

People are the worst. An unknown number of arseholes are threatening to expose Ashley Madison users, presumably ruining their marriages. The hacking victims must pay the extortionists “exactly 1.0000001 Bitcoins” or the spouse gets notified. Ugh.

Spotify Clarifies Exactly How It Will Use Your Information After Privacy Kerfuffle

Everybody (including this blog) freaked out a little bit yesterday when Spotify released a new privacy policy that asked permission to do everything from track your location to look at your photos. But Spotify is sorry. The company’s CEO just clarified that Spotify doesn’t want to spy on you.

JFK Now Tracks Passengers' Mobile Phones To Predict Airport Wait Times

The worst part about air travel isn’t the cramped aeroplane cabins, the terrible food or the awkward security pat-downs — it’s all the waiting and lining up you have to do at the airport. So New York’s JFK airport is now using a new mobile phone tracking system to predict just how long you’ll be standing around.

What Is The Dark Web?

The unlisted internet. The Silk Road. Tor. Hidden nodes and shady deals. You’ve heard the folklore about the dark web, but what is it?

Facebook Dumped Intern After He Pointed Out Messenger's Creepy Location Tracking

Advice if you want to work for Facebook: Don’t rock the boat. A Harvard student lost his internship with Facebook after provoking the company into updating its location sharing settings for Messenger.

Dropbox Refuses To Explain Its Mysterious Child Porn Detection Software

Recently a US Army reservist was arrested for sharing child pornography. Here’s what makes his story different from dozens of others: He’d been turned in by Dropbox.

These Glasses Block Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition software is cropping up everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before anti facial recognition tech started to catch up. Naturally, Japan is leading the way. That’s right: Japan’s National Institute of Informatics is now developing ‘privacy glasses’ that make human faces unreadable to machines.

US Court Rules That Cops Need A Warrant To Get Mobile Phone Records

A US appeals court just ruled that the US government needs a warrant to obtain mobile phone location records from your service provider. It’s the third ruling at this level on the matter, and the first that says a warrant is indeed necessary. Warrantless tracking of this kind is now more likely to be heard by the Supreme Court.

Movie Studios Seek SOPA Power Through Broad Site-Blocking Order

Major movie studios are again trying to make a website they don’t like disappear without a trial. This time, the studios are asking for one court order to bind every domain name registrar, registry, hosting provider, payment processor, caching service, advertising network, social network and bulletin board — in short, the entire internet — to block and filter a site called Movietube.

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