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Google Swears Android Auto Isn't Spying On You (That Much)

The era of car computers is upon us, and it’s a little scary from a privacy perspective. Look no further than the recent controversy of how much data Google is collecting about drivers using Android Auto. We know this much: Google is probably collecting more data than you realise.

4.6 Million People Hacked In Data Theft From Retail Brokerage Firm Scottrade 

St. Louis-based retail brokerage firm Scottrade has been hacked. The social security numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and other sensitive information of at least 4.6 million customers has been stolen.

This Art Installation Tests How Much You Value Your Personal Data

This art installation, Sensible Data by Martin Hertig, is a test: a test of how much you might be willing to give away about yourself in exchange for a little fun.

Hackers Stole 5.6 Million Sets Of US Federal Employee Fingerprints

The US Office of Personnel Management hack keeps getting worse. We already know over 21.5 million federal employees had their personal information hijacked from the OPM’s servers. And now the American government agency admits that 5.6 million federal employees had their fingerprints stolen.

Security Hell: Private Medical Data Of Over 1.5 Million People Wound Up Online 

Police injury reports, drug tests, detailed doctor visit notes, social security numbers — all were inexplicably unveiled on a public subdomain of Amazon Web Services. Welcome to the next big data breach horrorshow. Instead of hackers, it’s old-fashioned neglect that exposed your most sensitive information.

Your Face Is Part Of Australia's 'National Security Weapon'. Should You Be Concerned?

Australian government plans to increase the use of facial recognition in its counter-terrorism strategy raise concerns about privacy and how the technology will be used in everyday policing.

First Library To Offer Anonymous Web Browsing Stops Under DHS Pressure

A library in a small New Hampshire town started to help Internet users around the world surf anonymously using Tor. Until the US’ Department of Homeland Security raised a red flag.

You Can Now 3D-Print Your Own TSA Master Keys

TSA-recognised locks provide little more than a false sense of security. That’s not news. It is news, however, that some hacker type has uploaded the CAD files of the agency’s master keys to Github, so that anybody can 3D-print them at home. Let the stealing begin!

This Fake Baby Car Seat Is Designed To Help Governments Spy On People

As governments look for new ways to spy on people, the commercial surveillance business is getting creative. One of the weirder offerings: a video and audio recording device hidden inside a baby seat.

Report: Apple Rejected Justice Department Demands For Encrypted iMessages

The fight between law enforcement and tech companies about encryption and privacy is getting nastier than ever.

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