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Here's How Those Big Signs Showing Bus Destinations Are Made

Video: The iconic buses in London are red, big-arse double-deckers that use roller blinds to show the destination stop rather than the typical LED display. I think the blinds look a lot better than the digital displays. Here’s how McKenna Brothers makes them, from the cutting of the letters, to the making of the negative, to the actual printing process, to the rolling into the display unit, and everything in between. It’s a really fun (and very involved) process to see.

The Difference Between RGB And CMYK, Explained

Anyone who has ever opened Photoshop has been met with the question of using RBG or CMYK at some point. These might seem like arbitrary options at first, but each represents a different approach to creating — and displaying — colour. The distinction is explained in a new video from Express Cards

New Inkjet Printing Technique Produces Two Images In One

Who doesn’t love a surprise at this time of year? Well, researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in France certainly do, so they have created a new kind of inkjet printing technique that produces images that appear different depending on the viewing angle.

This Inkjet-Printed Picture Is The Size Of A Retina Display Pixel

Image Cache: Not even squinting will help you see this image without the help of a microscope. This is the smallest inkjet-printed colour image ever produced, and it’s the same size as a single pixel on a Retina display.

Xerox's Printable Memory Labels Can Store Data To Combat Counterfeits

Remember when we thought that hologram stickers were an effective way to stop the proliferation of counterfeit products? Xerox now believes it has a far superior solution with a new type of printable electronic label that has encrypted memory built right in.

Doctors Print A Medical-Grade Stethoscope For Less Than Five Bucks

The stethoscope is a staple of modern medicine; but in parts of the developing world, off-the-shelf models are prohibitively expensive. That’s why a team of doctors and hackers in Gaza has started 3D printing their own.

An Inkless Printer Makes Colour Images With Tiny Microscopic Holes

Considering printer ink costs more than booze and even human blood, it’s no surprise everyone’s on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. And that includes researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology who’ve created an inkless printer that works by perforating special paper with thousands of microscopic holes.

Printing Out The Internet Would Take About 136 Billion Pages Of Paper

Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? How much paper would it take to print the internet?

New Printing Tech Allows The Blind To Touch Priceless Paintings

Most people who walk into a major museum and put their mitt on a million-dollar painting are immediately arrested. But in Madrid right now, an unusual exhibit is inviting visitors to touch some of the most famous paintings in the world — so that the visually impaired can experience them too.

This Incredible Robotic Arm Prints Plastic Like A Spider Makes Silk

Robotic arms have been around for years, 3D printers have been around for decades, and we’ve even seen 3D printers attached to robotic arms before. But this… is different.

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