3D Printing Just Wireframe Models Can Vastly Speed Up Prototyping

When 3D printing technologies were first adopted for manufacturing decades ago, they were referred to as rapid prototyping machines because compared to old methods, they were able to churn out parts with remarkable speed. But even today’s 3D printing technology has room for improvement, and a new technique that involves printing only simple wireframe models should expedite the earliest stages of prototyping a new product.

When These CMYK Coasters Are Stacked A Masterpiece Is Revealed

As newspapers, magazines and books are slowly replaced with electronic alternatives, the art of CMYK printing is slowly dying alongside them. So now’s as good a time as any to grab a souvenir before the technical process becomes a forgotten art — and these CMYK coasters seem to fit the bill, especially if you’ve got wooden furniture you want to protect.

The Rise And Fall Of America's Greatest Convicted Counterfeiter

Art Williams Jr says he never really knew how money worked until he went to prison three times. It’s ironic because Art Williams is also one of the most infamous money counterfeiters in recent American history. And he almost got away with it.

Can You Tell The Monet From The Microscopic Imitation?

One of these is Claude Monet’s famous painting “Impression, Sunrise”. The other is a replica, constructed using an aluminium nanostructure, measuring around 300 microns in width. But can you tell which is the real deal?

Monoprice Just Gave The 3D Printer A Crazy Price Cut

With many machines well over the $2000 mark, 3D printers are still mostly sequestered to use by professionals. Monoprice, the cut-rate technology powerhouse, is slicing more than a few hundreds off the price point with a 3D printer that costs $US1200.

This Self-Folding Lamp Definitely Paves The Way For Real Transformers

With countless wires protruding from the side, as a lamp, this creation from researchers at Harvard is a disappointment at best. But as a demonstration of future technologies that promise to revolutionise manufacturing — like printable, self-assembling electronics — it’s about as awesome as tech demos can get.

It's Surprisingly Easy To Print Fake Money On An Inkjet Printer

If you’re running an international counterfeiting ring, then you’re gonna need some expensive equipment. But for the small-time counterfeiter about town, it’s all too easy. Just grab your everyday inkjet printer.

What Exactly Is In Those Stupid Expensive Printer Ink Cartridges?

What’s inside an ink cartridge? The short answer is a lot of (expensive!) water, 95 per cent in fact. But mixed in is a fascinatingly complex soup of other chemicals that control the ink’s properties down to the micro-drop.

Reinventing The Printer With Rewriteable Paper And Water For Ink

For office workers concerned about cutting costs and environmental impacts, clicking the print button triggers an ongoing internal debate. Many people find reading words on a printed page to be a hard habit to break when the only alternative is reading them on glowing screen.

Trimmable Printed Sensors Can Add Multitouch To Any Device

Multitouch user interfaces are slowly finding their way into all kinds of devices, not just phones and tablets. Thanks to researchers at MIT and the Max Planck Institute who have developed a printable sensor that can be easily cut down to size with a regular old pair of scissors, any device or appliance you can think of could soon be enhanced with multitouch controls.

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