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Amazon Fire Phone: An All-Seeing 3D Prime Contender

We’ve been hearing the rumours for weeks (months? years?), and the day has finally come. Amazon’s phone is here. It’s called the Fire Phone, and it’s got some fancy new tricks.

Amazon Can Take Away Your Digital Books And Movies Whenever It Wants

In light of the holiday season, what better time than now to remind ourselves to give thanks for all that we have. Although, in the case of any digital goods you’ve “purchased,” maybe don’t add those to the list quite yet. Because remember: You don’t actually own any of it.

Amazon Drones Are Truly Revolutionary [For Marketing]

The most thrilling [marketing] advancement in recent years was unveiled last night on 60 Minutes. If you missed it — how could you have missed it? — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos detailed the [marketing] future of his company for millions [of potential customers]: Amazon PrimeAir. The [marketing] future is here, and it is [vague promises of] 30-minute delivery by drones.

Amazon PrimeAir Could Deliver Your Stuff On Drones

In a US 60 Minutes interview, Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon is working on delivery that’s even faster than Prime. The company wants to use octocopters to deliver your order within a half-hour.

Asus Transformer Bootloader Unlock Now Available

When the Asus Transformer Prime launched, there was outcry from developers over the fact that its bootloader was locked. Asus eventually crumbled and announced that they would remove the restrictions. Now, almost two months later, you can download the fix.

Prime Launching 7Two From 9am Tomorrow

If you’re an Aussie living in regional areas waiting to get some extra digital FTA TV action, TV Tonight is reporting that Prime will be launching 7Two tomorrow morning at 9am.

Got 75 Spare PCs? Start Looking For 13-Million Digit Prime Numbers

I knew there was a reason I didn’t become a mathematician! Researchers in the US have discovered a new prime number (that’s a number that can only be divided by itself and one, in case you forgot). It has a cool 13-million digits in it, and required the processing power of 75 laptops running XP to work out.

The number is way too long to write out, but can be notated as 2 to the power of 43,112,609 minus 1. Two seperate networks of computers have verified the number.

Even stranger than the fact people spend their time looking for Prime numbers is the fact that the researchers stand to win a $US100,000 prize from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for discovering a prime number with more than 10 million digits. I mean, why not, right? 100K for getting 75 computers to do some long division for you?

Actually now I’m wishing I was a mathematician. Damn.


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