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Nintendo Fails With Scabbiest Press Launch Event In History

Sometimes, just sometimes, tech and gaming journalists are made to feel like rockstars by companies desperate to get in their pocket. This was not one of those events. As Electricpig puns, Nintendo’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn launch was more like Kirby’s Epic Yawn. [Electricpig]

Government To Force Telstra To Structurally Separate Wholesale And Retail

Somebody get me some popcorn: This could get very messy. Today Senator Conroy announced that the Rudd government has made some pretty major changes to telecommunications laws that will require Telstra to structurally separate its wholesale and retail businesses. And if they don’t do it voluntarily, the government’s going to bring the pain…

10 Ways Tech Magazines Are Failing Readers

Mike Elgan, former editor-in-chief for Windows Magazine, writes a great column on how gadgets blogs fail readers. It’s solid feedback and tough love. Here’s my list on why Tech Magazines are failing readers:

Breaking John Mayer News - John Mayer Very Slightly Injures Himself

John Mayer may not have shown up at the Apple iPhone keynote yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we’re not the best place to keep up on John Mayer news. And this one, my friends, is one juicy piece of John Mayer news. [John Mayer’s Twitter]

Don't Panic! Your TV Will Not Stop Working After May 1

If any of you happened to read the Herald Sun article on Monday entitled “Clock ticks for plasmas, LCDs” by Peter Familari and were wondering “what the f%*k?! How can a brand new TV be obsolete in less than 2 months?”, you can now rest easy. The article is a load of rubbish. It’s actually pretty unbelievable just how wrong the story is, even though the underlying issue is well worth looking at.

Virgin America Flight Timetables Now Have Wi-Fi Ready Status

Frankly, aeroplane Wi-Fi access is overrated. At least compared to Aeroflot’s in-flight entertainment. Those who like it, however, can now check what Virgin flights have Wi-Fi before booking. [Virgin via Crunchgear]

What Not To Do When Electronically Robbing a Bank

A gang of European blokes just landed in gaol after trying to steal over $US300 million in what would’ve been the greatest techno-heist in history. What stopped them? A remarkable string of amazingly stupid decisions.

When Gizmodo Commenters Overtake Gizmodo Writers

When CNN sums up Gizmodo, you might think about Jason Chen’s pantsings or Mark Wilson’s hilarious turn of a phrase (no to that second one? fair enough). Instead, it’s all about OMG! Ponies!.

My House Is a Mess

Apartment therapy’s Unplggd did a post about my working habits and work place. How nice of them! [Unplggd]

Woman's Hair Weave May Have Stopped Bullet

Say what? A Kansas City woman with a tight weave gets shot at by her boyfriend through a car window. Later, the cops find a spent bullet in her hair. Did the hair stop it?

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