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Vodafone Invites Customers To Build Their Own Plan

Vodafone has today launched a new type of plan for prepaid customers — with fully customisable plans available under a service called MyMix. With plans ranging from a 7-day to a 90-day expiry, anywhere from 500MB to 8GB of data (with bonus data included for those who sign up in May), Vodafone aims to provide a more flexible option for prepaid customers.

Optus Is Giving Prepaid Customers More Data For A Good Time, Not A Long Time

Thinking about going prepaid? Optus is throwing more inclusions your way to try and entice you over to its new offers in the way of bonus data and calls, but it won’t be available for long.

Padfone X Mini: Asus Is Taking Another Crack At The Transforming Smartphone And Tablet

Isn’t it fine to have a smartphone that fits in your pocket? Isn’t it dandy to have a tablet for two-handed tasks? Soon you’ll be able to buy both for just $US200 with this Intel-powered smartphone that transforms into a tablet.

Vodafone's New Prepaid Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Vodafone Australia is revamping its prepaid plans, expanding its data inclusions and maintaining its focus on international calls with a temporary offer of unlimited calls to 10 international destinations one one plan. Here’s what you need to know.

Optus Overhauls Pre-Paid Offerings To Give You A Pretty Sweet Deal

The new pre-paid offerings come with a nice, long expiry time of six months for any credit applied to the service, low international rates with no flagfall and 4G coverage across the board. 4G was only available on certain pre-paid plans.

Aldi Is Slashing The Data On Its $35 Prepaid Offer...Again

Providing further proof that “unlimited” is never really unlimited for long, Aldi Mobile has slashed the amount of data available on its $35 prepaid offer by more than half.

Optus Has A $35 My Plan Tier Now

Optus refreshed its plan offerings a little while ago to a new “My Plan” system which had a price-entry point of $50. That’s pretty hefty if you’re not a heavy user. Perhaps that’s why Optus decided to introduce a new $35 tier today, perhaps? Here’s what it gets you.

Australia's Best Unlimited Pre-Paid Mobile Alternatives

Are you a Kogan Mobile refugee? Perhaps just looking for a better pre-paid mobile deal? Here are the last remaining unlimited pre-paid mobile options in Australia.

Aldi To Launch Its Own Pre-Paid Mobile Service

First Kogan Mobile, now Aldi is getting in on the cheap pre-paid mobile game. News leaked tonight suggests that the discount supermarket will put its own pre-paid MVNO offering out to market next week, with others pointing to the fact that it will run from Telstra’s wholesale Next G network.

Boost Mobile's Unlimited Prepaid Offers On Telstra Are Actually Excellent

When Boost Mobile broke up with Optus last year, Telstra was there to pick up the pieces. Boost promised that it would be back in January to wholesale the Telstra network. Promise kept. Here’s the unlimited prepaid offer from Boost Mobile, complete with Telstra Next G network access.

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