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Doctors Find Zika Virus In A Stillborn Infant With Almost No Brain Tissue

Doctors have discovered Zika virus in a stillborn infant with a severely under-developed brain, according to a chilling report published today in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

US Companies Are Using Big Data To Discourage Employees From Having Costly Surgery

The Wall Street Journal has a chilling new report about the ways that companies like Walmart and J.P. Morgan Chase are using big data mining to track the health of their employees. And it’s no surprise that the methods are raising plenty of privacy concerns.

Why Expectant Mothers Shouldn't Panic About Taking Antidepressants

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that women who take antidepressants during the mid-to-late stages of their pregnancy experience an 87 per cent increased risk of having a child diagnosed with autism. Here’s what the study actually found and why there’s no immediate cause for alarm.

Hard Labour: The Case For Testing Drugs On Pregnant Women

Traditionally, expectant mothers have been excluded from clinical trials, but could this practice be doing more harm than good?

When the heart stops beating, minutes matter. With every minute that passes before a rhythm is restored, a patient’s odds of survival plummet. Which is why Anne Lyerly was surprised when, one night 20 years ago, she got a phone call from a doctor who had paused in the middle of treating a patient in cardiac arrest. Lyerly was a newly minted obstetrician; the caller was an internal medicine resident who was desperately trying to resuscitate a dying patient. A pregnant dying patient. He had called because his supervisor wanted to know whether a critical cardiac drug would be safe for the woman’s foetus.

Menstruation: The Aftermath Of An All-Natural But Ruthless Embryo Screening

Video: Most animals don’t menstruate. If they don’t use their uterine lining, they simply reabsorb it. Only bats, monkeys, and apes take the drastic and seemingly-wasteful step of pitching out the entire thing. And humans toss it out more often than any other animal.

Want To Get Pregnant? Have Sex All Month Long, Not Just Near Ovulation

Heterosexual couples trying to start a family have tools to tell them when it’s time for baby-making sex: apps can track a woman’s cycle; over-the-counter tests can pinpoint ovulation. But it turns out the sex they’re having the rest of the month could be just as important for starting that bundle of joy.

A Man Who Makes Babies -- Lots -- But Lives Alone

People who want to start a family but have, for whatever reason, a problem with the sperm – half of the equation – have options. There are in-vitro methods that get sperm right next to or injected directly inside an egg. There are sperm banks. Some people have friends who are willing to be sperm donors. And the internet has created a murky world of “natural inseminators” — men who will start a pregnancy for strangers with sex, no strings attached.

Seahorse Dads Do Much More Than Just Shelter Their Babies While Pregnant

A male seahorse gets pregnant when his mate deposits her as-yet-unfertilized eggs into a pouch on his belly. He’ll fertilize them once they’re in there, and then he’ll carry the developing embryos until they’re ready to feed themselves. (At which point he forcefully shoots them into the world.)

This Fetal Monitoring System Is The Best Thing Apple Has Ever Done For Women

Of the many new experiences you might have during a high-risk pregnancy, one of the least fun is a fetal monitoring test called a Non-Stress Test, or NST. It really should be called a High-Stress Test because of the anguish it puts parents through. Apple just made it a little bit better.

Here's What Sex Education Was Like In The 17th Century

People have always wondered about sex, and as literacy became more widespread over the course of the 17th century in England, books appeared to feed that curiosity.

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