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Amaysim Upping Data Allowances, Upping Prices

If you needed a carrier for cheap data and decent 3G speeds, Amaysim is still one of your best options. Now though, the carrier is upping the amount of data available to Unlimited plan customers while simultaneously upping the price of the service.

Boost Mobile Cuts Data Allowances

The cheap get cheaper: Boost Mobile (now operated by Telstra) is slashing the data it offers customers, making the pre-paid game look less competitive once again.

PennyTel Goes Bust As Australia's Pre-Paid Market Continues To Shrink

The pre-paid MVNO market seems to be getting smaller by the day: PennyTel, one of Vodafone’s few MVNO on-sellers, has officially gone bust.

Vodafone Switches On 4G For Pre-Paid Customers

It’s a bit sad that pre-paid customers are sometimes treated like second-class citizens in the telco world, and it’s nice to see them getting looked after every now and then. Vodafone is looking after its pre-paid customers today by switching making 4G available to them, too.

Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

Aldi’s own low-cost pre-paid mobile offerings have launched, and we have everything you need to know about the new service. In light of the recent ispONE drama taking down Kogan Mobile, it might be a good idea to look at your options.

10 Great Back To School & Uni Gadgets

It’s time to head back to school for another year. Whether you’re studying for a degree, mastering your Masters or just doing the HSC, these are the best gadgets to help you hit the books.

Kogan Launching Low-Cost Pre-Paid Offering?

Online gadget retailer Ruslan Kogan has been selling cheap mobile phones online for some time, but now we’re hearing murmurs that Kogan is about to start getting into the low-cost pre-paid market with new offerings powered by the Telstra network, and I’m inclined to believe it myself.

Lunchtime Deal: $30 Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Kit For $10 At Coles

$2 starter kits are great, because it means you can get a pre-paid service off the ground fast, but if you need to make a call on that there service, you’ll be out of luch until you buy some credit. Thankfully, Coles is here to help, selling the $30 Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Kit for $10.

Telstra 4G Pre-Paid Hotspot Review: Contract-Free 4G Brings Battery Bothers

Telstra has been trumpeting its 4G/LTE network for some time now. Very recently we learned that the network now has over 1000 base stations around the country that support around 375,000 different tablets, smartphones and modems. Now that network has become accessible to pre-paid customers, too, thanks to the 4G hotspot. How does it compare to the 4G hotspot on post-paid plans, and is it something you should buy right now?

Boost Mobile Offering The BlackBerry Pearl On Pre-Paid. Yep, The Pearl

Boost Mobile are trying to convert their younger user base into crackberry addicts by offering them the Pearl 8120 for just $299. Sure, it’s an older phone, but for $299 and 12 months unlimited Blackberry IM, email and browsing, it’s a pretty sweet deal for the teens and tweens out there who can’t afford an iPhone.

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