Oops: Google Accidentally Tore Itself A Security Hole On April Fools' Day 

April Fool’s Day comes but once a year, and that’s probably a good thing for Google. Everyone’s favourite search giant and proprietor of quirky holiday-related graphics accidentally broke its site security this April 1.

You Can Hide Secret Messages In Fake Academic Writing 

Ten years ago, a trio of MIT students created SCIgen, a program that spits out gibberish academic papers that have, improbably, since been published in real journals. Many embarrassing catches later, SCIgen’s creators are back with something even better: SCIpher.

A Musical Prank Card That Drives Someone Mad Is The Perfect Gift

The older someone gets the harder it is to find them the perfect birthday present. So why not just throw in the towel and go the gag gift route instead? This amazing musical card plays Happy Birthday to help someone celebrate their big day, except once started the only way to silence the card is to destroy it.

Well, That's One Way To Prank A Person

As most of her fans know, Ellen DeGeneres has been messing (hilariously) with Today Show host Matt Lauer. Now, it’d seem, Matt’s decided to get even. After opening her car door and spilling ping pong balls all over a parking lot, DeGeneres discovers a cardboard cutout of her prankster buried inside.

This Shifty USB Drive Is Rigged To Fry Your Computer

If you’re a mischief-maker of a certain age, you’ll remember the idea of the floppy disk bomb, a specially engineered floppy disk that would supposedly melt inside an enemy’s drive. This USB is that same basic concept but evolved. It’s designed to electrocute your computer from the inside out.

What's The Creepiest Thing You've Done Online? 

Social media is a weirdo’s playground. Never before in human history has it been so easy to act so creepy, without ever leaving your home. Whether it’s posting a photo of your face to a coworker’s Facebook wall or recreating a stranger’s profile picture, there are plenty of ways to behave like a little social deviant online.

This Site Will Send A Glitter Bomb To Your Enemies Anywhere On Earth 

The only thing worse than all the junk mail stuffed in your mailbox is finding a card that’s actually addressed to you, but is covered in mounds of glitter. The shiny stuff ends up all over your hands, your face, and your home, and it’s all but impossible to clean up. So that’s why a glitter bomb, courtesy of, is the perfect prank.

This Prank Face Heater Should Be Real

This is a prank face heater called HotLips you can purchase to trick a family member or loved one over the holidays. It is also something that should (with some significant modifications) totally exist already and I want one.

Wonderful Prank Gives Housekeeper The Home She Was Supposed To Clean

Those make-good-stuff-happen pranks are getting crazy. After turning a waitress’ shift into the best day of her life, the people at Break decided to give away a house to Cara Simmons, a housekeeper and single mother of three. But first, they made her believe the new house was actually her new workplace.

Mirror Prank Shocks People With Horrifying Demonic Reflections

October 31 has come and gone and it’s now time to start thinking about turkey and stuffing and shopping, but not before mentioning this wonderful Halloween prank by Pepsi that had moviegoers seeing more than just their faces reflected in these special haunted bathroom mirrors.